10th Class Diaries Trailer: Intense Love Drama

Trailer 10th Class Diaries: Intense Love Drama

The theatrical trailer of 10th Class Diaries is out now. The trailer promises that the film is an intense love drama centered around a couple in search of lost love.

Sriram and Avika Gor play the lead roles in the film. Sriram comes to India in search of his lost love and what follows later forms the plot. The soul-seeking song is highlighted in the trailer.

The trailer is a mix of emotions, action and heartbreak. The background score and the visuals are quite compelling.

The trailer implies Sriram and Avika playing intense and author-supported roles. There is room for good drama in the film.

Garuda Vega cinematographer, Anji is in charge of cinematography and also directs 10th Class Diaries.

The film is produced by Achut Rama Rao P and Ravi Teja Manyam. The film will premiere in theaters on July 1.

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