47 cats found in a car amid sweltering heat and humidity: Details here

As many as 47 cats were recently found in a car. The cats lived a hard life in the car amid the blistering heat and humidity of June. Moreover, their homeless owner had no other way to take these cats. This became known when a concerned police officer knocked on the door of the car where the cats lived with their homeless owner.

Fortunately, Animal Humane Society came to help the animals and rescue all 47 cats from the van. As of now, the Society is said to be providing them with much needed care.

The matter was posted in an Animal Humane Society Facebook post.

“Despite the extreme heat and unsanitary living conditions, the cats are in relatively good health, although most are dehydrated and a little suspicious of our helping hands,” the Facebook post reads.

“The owner of the cats was examined by paramedics at the scene and provided with medical supplies,” the post also reads.

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