5 best Free Fire MAX characters for Factory Challenge in August 2022

Free Fire MAX and the original variant have an assortment of in-game features such as character skills, weapons, skins, bundles, etc. You can use these features in different game modes to show off their skills and looks. In addition, users can customize their matches to create challenges for themselves.

The Factory Challenge of Free Fire and its MAX variant is a custom match based on the creativity of the players and offers an exciting battle on the battlefield. Players usually use their fists to fight instead of weapons, as everyone is expected to land on the Factory roof in Garena Free Fire/Free Fire MAX’s Bermuda.

For example, character skills have become much more important in Factory Challenge than in any other game mode in Free Fire/FF MAX.

A list of the most suitable characters for Factory Challenge in Garena Free Fire MAX (August 2022)

These are the best characters for users to use in Free Fire MAX’s Factory Challenge (August 2022):

1) Alok

A few characters in the game have similar popularity to Alok’s, which is quite understandable. DJ Alok is one of the most powerful characters in the game, offering an ability suitable for almost any game mode, including the Factory Challenge.

Gamers can activate Alok’s ‘Drop the Beat’ to claim an increase in sprint and movement speed, in addition to continuous HP supply at a rate of five points per second. However, both effects do not work simultaneously and last five seconds with a 45 second CD.

2) K

K is another effective character for the Factory Challenge, as his ‘Master of All’ ability provides EP support and assists teammates. There are two sub-modes of K’s active ability, which are given as follows:

  1. Jiu-jitsu mode: Allies get a five times higher ‘EP to HP’ conversion rate if they are within six meters of K.
  2. Psychology mode: Players can get a consistent supply of EP of three points every 2.2 seconds.

The skill is not time-bound and one can switch between both modes. ‘Master of All’ has a three second cool down time for the mode switch.

3) Dimitri

The next addition to this list is Dimitri, who is quite underrated and less used compared to other active characters. However, it is quite impressive for its ability to provide HP support when players are through a 3.5m diameter healing zone.

Players can automatically heal themselves and their allies through the healing zone at a rate of three HPs per second for ten seconds. Users can use the effects and revive themselves with Dimitri’s ‘Healing Heartbeat’. His power also has a cooldown of 85 seconds.

4) Kelly

A faster sprint speed is very beneficial when players fight in the Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge. You can effortlessly chase a vulnerable enemy with a low health or escape the opponents that gain the upper hand.

That’s why Kelly has become vital to the Factory Challenge with her passive skill ‘Dash’. One can increase the sprint speed by 1% with each skill level and unlock Kelly’s Awaken ability (Elite Kelly).

However, Kelly’s Elite variant won’t really be advantageous in the Free Fire MAX Factory Challenge.

5) Klaus

Kla has a custom character skill for the Free Fire MAX Fact Challenge, known as Muay Thai. On the first level, Kla’s fist damage is increased by 100%, while on the last level he can deal 400% more damage. Therefore, Kla is much more deadly without any weapon than with one.

Note: This list is in no particular order and represents the opinion of the author only. The skills in the list are at their first level and gamers need to upgrade them.

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