5 iPhone Tricks That Can Make Your Life Easier

It is often said that three ‘Apple(s)’ changed the history of the world. One that Adam ate, the second that fell on Newton, and the third, the Apple company, which was invented by Steve Jobs. While we can’t say much about the authenticity of the first and second event, we are as confident as possible that AAPL and its products change our lives. People use Apple products and especially iPhone because they are much more powerful and easy to use than their competitors. So today we have brought you 6 hidden iPhone tricks that will further make your life easier than before.

Take a screenshot by tapping the Apple logo

Yes, you read that right. The Apple logo on the back of your iPhone has different utility than showing your customer loyalty to the company. You can take a screenshot, mute the device, view the notification center and trigger a variety of actions by tapping the logo.

To set this up, go to Settings>Accessibility>Physical & Motor>Touch. Then scroll until you see the ‘Tap Back’ option. After enabling the feature, you can choose exactly the action you want the app to trigger.

Transform the keyboard into a trackpad

Selecting a particular text on your phone on a webpage or in notes can sometimes be tricky. You have to move the cursor with your finger, which blocks the display of the text. An easy alternative is to turn your keyboard into a trackpad and select the text with it. To do this, you have to long press the space bar. After that, you’ll find out how to use your keyboard space as a built-in trackpad.

The video below shows how it works in action:

Turn your iPhone into a magic wand

If you are a Harry Potter fan with an iPhone, this trick is going to make your life fun. It allows you to turn your iPhone into a ‘Wand’ that takes action on your magical voice commands.

For example, if you want to turn on your flashlight, you can say “Hey Siri, Lumos!” say. or to turn on Do Not Disturb Mode, you can say “Hey Siri, Sliencio.”

To enable this feature, go to Settings > Siri & Search > Make sure the “Listen for ‘Hey Siri'” switch is turned on. A full list of Harry Potter Siri commands can be viewed here.

Measure the height of a person with your iPhone

To get started with this trick, open the measurement app on your iPhone. Position your phone and the person so that you can see their entire body on the phone screen. Then a horizontal white line appears on the screen above the person’s head with the height next to it. You can also use this function to measure the dimensions of other objects such as furniture.

Record the video while playing the music in the background

Normally, you can’t play the music and record the video at the same time on iPhone because once you tap the video record button, the music will stop. However, there is a certain way to record the video that does not stop the music in the background. To make this trick work, launch the music in Spotify app or Apple Music app. Open the camera and instead of going into video mode, hold down the white shutter button while dragging it to the right. Doing so will make your iPhone start recording video while music continues to play in the background.

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