5 times Fortnite baited its entire player base

Epic Games has played many games with Fortnite Battle Royale users. In many cases, the video game developer tricked them into thinking something was going to happen, but that was just a wrong clue.

The company has made some major strides with the game and has experimented extensively with it. In the end, it did and it became one of the most popular video games in gaming history.

This article looks at the five times Epic ace loopers. Many of these situations disappointed or worried them, but some were just funny.

Epic has lured Fortnite gamers several times

1) Full blackout

This is what the game looked like for a day and a half (Image via Epic Games)
This is what the game looked like for a day and a half (Image via Epic Games)

Fortnite live events should get a lot of credit for making the video game extremely popular. Many Fortnite players look forward to these events, and in Chapter 1 almost every season had a live event.

In Season X, the 10th season in total, Epic decided to release the event “The End”. While users knew that this event would be huge, they couldn’t imagine what was in store for them.

In the closing moments of the live event, everything was sucked into the black hole. The hole remained in play for a day and a half, making it unplayable.

What happened in the meantime, however, was even worse. Epic removed all content from their social media profiles and changed their profile picture to a solid black color.

This caused the community to panic and many loopers thought the popular game had been removed. After more than 30 hours of stress and worry, Fortnite gamers regained access to the title and entered a new world and chapter.

2) Peter Griffin

In February 2021, the Fortnite Battle Royale developer released Peter Griffin for the game dates. The popular Family man character was added with a big patch, which is why many data miners and leakers thought he would be released in the video game.

However, even a year and a half later, Peter Griffin is still not in the title. Why did Epic add the popular character without releasing him? Nobody really knows.

This was most likely Epic’s way of trolling the community as even the most reputable leakers shared the news that Griffin was coming into the game.

On the bright side, there’s a chance the video game company has been given the right to add the character to Fortnite.

After all, adding files related to the character is probably not allowed unless Epic has obtained the appropriate permissions.

3) Star Wars pickaxe

Epic Games added Darth Vader to the title with the release of Chapter 3 Season 3. Lord Vader is the final skin in the Battle Pass and can be unlocked on the 10th page.

As many players know, this is another Fortnite x Star Wars collaboration. Ever since Darth Vader leaked, players were hoping that Epic would release a lightsaber pickaxe as well.

The publisher has released Vader’s pickaxe, but it’s not a lightsaber. The pickaxe is called Sigil of the Empire and is currently one of the most obnoxious cosmetic items in the entire game.

Not only is the pickaxe’s design terrible, but releasing it was just a terrible idea. Epic knew players wanted a lightsaber pickaxe, so releasing Sigil of the Empire was just another troll of the company.

Making the situation worse is the appearance of the lightsaber during the “The Collision” live event. In the final stage of the event, users could see Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi battling with lightsabers.

Unfortunately, the lightsaber was only added as a gameplay item.

4) Epic Games vs Apple Trial

Epic V. Apple | Update lawsuit Apple has received support from several companies ahead of their upcoming appeal process against Epic Games. These include Roblox, about 24 security experts/former officials, and the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity Foundation.

Epic Games and Apple don’t like each other very much. However, when Fortnite was released for mobile devices, it was first released for iOS because iPhone and iPad owners had exclusive access to it.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the two companies was ruined in 2020 when Epic decided to release its own payment system within the Fortnite Battle Royale application. This was against Apple’s terms and conditions, which is why the video game was removed from the App Store.

Epic and Apple then took the fight to court, and the game developer hoped to get support from its loopers. The organization released the #FreeFortnite in-game tournament, which rewarded them with exclusive cosmetic items, laptops, consoles and more.

Epic Games trolls Apple with ‘1984’ Fortnite video after game was banned from App Store https://t.co/E6jjWn5LTK

Many Fortnite gamers eventually supported Epic, but this was not very helpful as the company lost its lawsuit. As a result, Fortnite Battle Royale will not be back in the App Store for at least a few years.

Ultimately, millions of Fortnite fans worldwide suffered from Epic’s decision to file a lawsuit against Apple. Fortunately, iOS players can play it on their devices thanks to GeForce Now.

5) Destruction of Tilted Towers

Epic has plagued Fortnite Battle Royale users many times with the destruction of Tilted Towers. Since the iconic location was released, there have been signs of destruction.

The video game developer finally destroyed the entire place at the end of Chapter 1 Season 8. This happened during the “The Unvaulting” event and it was glorious! Tilted Towers was eventually rebuilt in the future and was renamed Neo Tilted for Season 9.

"The meme building"  was the only one to survive the destruction of the Tilted Towers (Image via Epic Games)
“The meme building” was the only one to survive the destruction of the Tilted Towers (Image via Epic Games)

What made the destruction of the Tilted Towers interesting, however, is that only one building survived. It was one that was repeatedly built and destroyed over many seasons.

In the end, Epic decided that the building would be the sole survivor of the massive destruction in the game.

Another interesting aspect of this is that the building is owned by No Sweat Insurance. While everyone believes the establishment is good, it turns out that the goal is simply to get as much money (gold bars) from players as possible.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the author.

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