5 tips for using shotguns precisely in Free Fire MAX (June 2022)

Free Fire MAX gamers have only one motive to take out their opponents on the battlefield. They can use different weapons for this. However, they have to pick the best one as each weapon has a specific set of attributes suitable for specific combat situations.

The shotgun burner is designed explicitly for close-range combat. These firearms generally have high damage, accuracy, and movement speed. Indeed, these weapons are extremely deadly to enemies when handled perfectly.

Free Fire MAX: Five main tips to increase the skill in using shotguns

1) Practice the jump shot technique

The jump shot technique is a common trick in the Free Fire MAX community, especially among esports athletes. To perform this trick, users must first wait for the enemies to get closer and then press the jump button while moving the camera angle to the enemy and attack them immediately.

The accuracy of the shots will likely increase while performing this particular procedure. Gamers can achieve an impressive headshot percentage after they master the jump shot trick.

That doesn’t mean they’ll only give one-tap headshots, though. Players may need to shoot multiple bullets to take down their enemies.

2) Never forget the shotgun range

In intense confrontations, most players do not remember the range of the shotgun in use and even start firing bullets at medium and long range. This will end up wasting bullets and putting gamers in trouble if they are in open spaces, which they shouldn’t.

Shotguns are only functional at very close ranges. They provide a negligible amount of damage in medium and long range combat. Therefore, users should always have an assault rifle, sniper or SMG ready to fire.

3) Ideal combination of character skills

The combination of character skills is possibly the most powerful tip on this list. Since Free Fire MAX characters have unparalleled abilities, gamers should select them based on their playstyle and preferences.

Shotgun users can specifically embrace the character combination below to perform better with firearms in this category:

Wukong (for the active slot)

Wukong will help create 1v4 links with shotguns thanks to its CD reset feature for any knockdown players confirm.


Caroline increases movement speed when holding a shotgun. It will eventually help them with quick reflexes.


Most shotgun users are rushers. Therefore, they need to equip Moco’s character ability. She can track hit enemies for a few seconds, allowing them to make a calculated rush at them.


The final skill slot can be given to Hayato or Jai’s skill, Raging Reload. The former increases armor penetration after being damaged, while Raging Reload automatically reloads a certain percentage of the current magazine after taking down an enemy.

4) Drag the fire button into crouching position

Drag and drop headshots are a famous way to hit enemies in Free Fire MAX. However, making these types of recordings is quite a challenge. Gamers need to connect accurate shots to the head to quickly take out their enemies.

A significant number of players in the community are making headshots while crouching. They brag about making comfortable and steady strokes in this pose.

All shotgun users need to do is keep the fire button slightly lower and smaller (in HUD). Whenever enemies come up front, crouch and drag the button to their head.

5) Use weapon skins with improved accuracy

The developers regularly introduce different gun skins in Free Fire MAX. These items usually have amplified attributes. For more accurate shots, users should only choose weapons with greater accuracy.

Further, if it also has a higher rate of fire, they shouldn’t be thinking about another weapon. However, gamers can only unlock these skins through various diamond-required events. On rare occasions, Legendary skins can be seen in free events.

Note: Each player has a unique playing style. Therefore, they may have their own strategies and tricks for using shotguns in Free Fire MAX. This article reflects the opinion of the author only.

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