9 out of 11 men in Canada police most violent gangsters’ list are of Punjab origin : The Tribune India

Tribune News Service

Jupinderjit Singh

Chandgarh, August 4

The police forces of British Columbia, Canada, have issued a rare warning about 11 men associated with extreme levels of gang violence. Police have warned the public not to come near.

Of the 11 men, nine of them are Punjab origin.

British Columbia police said they were linked to a slew of murders and shootings in the province. It asked the public not to come near them.

“It is very likely that a rival mobster will attack them by force,” said CFSEU ​​Asst. cmdr. Manny Mann, who says the said men pose a risk to their friends and family, as well as Sanders.

CTV news said the men are

Shakiel Basra, 28

Amarpreet Samra, 28

Jagdeep Cheema, 30

Ravnder Sarma, 35

Barinder Dhaliwal, 39

Andy St. Pierre, 40

Gurpreet Dhaliwal, 35

Richard Joseph Whitlock, 40 years old

Samrop Gill, 29

Sumdish Gill, 28

Sukhdeep Pansal

It added: “Warnings to stay away from specific alleged criminals were once almost unheard of, but they have slowly increased in recent years. This is the CFSEU’s second in just over a year; the latter was prescient. ” Meninder Dhaliwal, who was on the 11-strong list last year, was shot dead in Whistler late last month in a shooting that left tourists and visitors screaming and fleeing the violence. According to police, his brother, Harpreet, was the man who was shot dead last year in the Coal Harbor neighborhood of Vancouver. Another brother, 35-year-old Gurpreet Dhaliwal, is on this year’s list.


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