Following his third century in the T20I format, the top-ranked T20I batsman in the world, Suryakumar Yadav, talked about the sacrifices his family made for his cricket career. The right-hander said he had to work harder for his family to see something in him because there was no tradition of athletics in his family.

On Saturday, Suryakumar Yadav became just the second Indian player to achieve three T20I hundreds, earning him the title of not just the best batter in the world in the shortest format but also one of the all-time greats. Suryakumar has now amassed a lifetime total of 1578 runs scored in 43 innings while striking out a staggering 180.34 percent of the time.

So far, my family has had a significant impact on my cricket career. Since my father is an engineer and there is no history of sports in my family, they were the ones who helped me get out of the box when I first started playing. Because of this, I needed to stand out a little for him to push me. They have given up a lot.

As an engineer, Suryakumar claimed that his father went “above and beyond” to support the development of his cricketing career. The batter, who was born in Mumbai, also gave his wife credit for helping him keep up his level of fitness and steadily advance.

Suryakumar has earned a lot of praise from many quarters, with skipper Hardik Pandya claiming that he discourages bowlers. The 29-year-old claimed that the right-hander barely needs direction because he is familiar with game scenarios and can come up with a solution.

In fact, it has made me more ravenous now. Despite how much domestic cricket I’ve played, I’ve always enjoyed representing my state, and no matter where I’ve played, I’ve always tried to put on a show. I’ve also had fun batting here. The last few years have been a little difficult, but I kept telling myself, “This is why you play the game; just enjoy it,” and my love for the game kept me motivated, so I persisted.

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