A step-by-step guide to Instagram Dual: The new reels format

Instagram has announced a host of new changes to Reels, including the addition of Dual, Templates, and making all videos under 15 minutes Reels the default. Here are the new changes introduced by Meta’s social media platform and how to use them.

Instagram dual roles

Dual allows users to record something with the rear camera on their phone, while also filming their own reaction to it with the front camera. When you do this, you get an Instagram reel where the video shot with the rear camera takes up most of the screen with a small window showing your reaction to the main video. Here’s how to use the Dual function.

Open the Instagram app on your phone
Tap the plus icon at the top right of the screen
Select the “Reel” option
On the screen that appears, you will see a list of options on the left
Tap the down arrow to see all options
Select the camera icon labeled “Dual”
Now tap the record icon in the center to record the video
After you finish recording, you can add effects, music, and other effects just like any other Reels videos.

Instagram Roll Template

Instagram now allows users to create roles from roles already created by other creators. All you have to do is click the camera icon in the top right corner of the screen when viewing a reel and the app will let you add your own images and videos to a reel of preloaded music and placeholder clips based on of the reel you selected.

Reels become the default video format on Instagram

Over the next few weeks, any videos uploaded to Instagram under 15 minutes will automatically become Reels. Instagram will make Reels the default video format on the platform and will merge the Reels and Videos tab into one tab. But this change will not take effect retroactively and any videos uploaded in the past will remain as videos.

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