Adivi Sesh Starrer Continues To Be Stable On Weekdays

Box Office - Major [Hindi] Remains stable on weekdays
Box Office – Major [Hindi] Remains stable on weekdays (Photo Credit – Still from Major)

Important [Hindi], which is played on a limited number of screens, remains stable at the low end during the weekdays. The movie had arrived 0.85 crores on Monday and post that Tuesday the autumn was not so easy 0.83 crores more came in. Of course anything over 1 crore a day sounds better. However, the fact that it is still not far from Friday is given proper projection when it comes to stability.

The Adivi Sesh starrer is already a huge success in the Telugu version and what comes in Hindi is an added bonus. Yes, the promotion and marketing of the film has been extensive and so the result has to match that too. For a lifetime 15-20 crores would be a good outcome. For that, the collections should be in the same line today and tomorrow, and then hopefully there will be no drop in the second weekend. If that turns out to be the case, then the game is on for the movie.

So far Major has collected 6.31 crores and the collections must be there 7.75 crores by the time the first week is over. Ideally, the movie should continue to play on the same number of screens as Week 1 in Week 2, which is something that could allow it to have a nice little run.

Note: All collections according to production and distribution sources

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