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The video of the African American groom speaking Malayalam in the bride’s native language during the vows was posted on Instagram.

People often try to do something different for their significant others to make their wedding day even more special. Whether it’s a bride writing a letter to a groom before the ceremony or the couple helping each other get ready, the internet is full of videos showcasing such special moments. There is one final addition to that list and this video shows an African American groom speaking in the bride’s native language, Malayalam.

The bride Jenova Juliann Pryor posted the video on her Instagram page. She also shared a caption describing her groom’s sweet gesture. “My husband learned and pronounced some of his wedding vows in my native language, Malayalam. I cried so hard,” she wrote.

The video opens and shows the caption: “When my African American husband said parts of his vows in Malayalam.” The clip then shows the man saying his part and then explaining the same in English for those who don’t know the language.

Watch the beautiful video:

The post was shared two days ago. Since the clip was posted, it has racked up over 76,000 views and the number is growing rapidly. The stock has also prompted people to post various comments.

“Malayalam, known as the hardest language…said simply with clarity…Superbbbb,” shared one Instagram user. “Wow. Such a sweet gesture from your husband. I wish you both a very happy married life!!” posted another “So much love, one of the most beautiful moments of that amazing day!!” a third expressed. “Omgggg I absolutely love this!! What a beautiful moment,” commented a fourth. “OH MY GOD THIS IS EVERYTHING!!!! In Malayalam! This is everything Queen Congratulations!!!” wrote a fifth.

What’s your take on the video?

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