After big controversy, Twitter edit button feature is rolling out

Twitter is testing a new feature that allows users to edit offensive tweets instead of deleting them.

Twitter’s edit button feature, which we’ve been reading about for quite some time, is reportedly rolling out to select users. The new feature will have a new offensive language filter that will allow users to edit offensive tweets. The Edit button is only available in specific cases for now, tipster Mukul Sharma reported. The new feature will inform Twitter users of the potentially offensive language being used in the tweet and then suggest an edit option before posting the tweet. How the new Twitter edit button function works

Twitter edit button now rolled out

The Twitter edit option will not apply to all tweets as it will not be available for published tweets. It’s more of an alert that warns users if a tweet is detected with an offensive or offensive word or phrase. Twitter will ask the user to edit it before publishing it. For example, if your tweet contains offensive text according to the Twitter algorithm, you will get a popup to rate your reply as soon as you click the Send Tweet button. The popup will appear as follows: “We’re asking Tweeters to rate comments that contain potentially harmful or abusive language. Would you like to check again before tweeting?”

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You will be given three options: continue with the same tweet or edit the text and the third option is to delete the entire text. In addition, users can also provide direct input to Twitter if they feel they are mislabeling their tweet as offensive or insulting. Also Read: Twitter Moves Spaces To Its Own Dedicated Tab: Here’s What Changed

In addition to the edit button, Twitter has also added a like or dislike option in the notifications panel. Users can see the downvote option along with the like option. Also read: Twitter is closing Periscope six years after it took over the service

It is not yet confirmed whether both features will be rolled out to everyone or not. Not only Twitter users, but also Tesla chief Elon Musk, who has expressed his intention to buy Twitter, has been asking for the edit button for quite some time now. It caused a huge controversy and dragged Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal into it.

Perhaps we can expect the edit button to be available to everyone once Musk officially becomes Twitter boss.

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