All About ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ Controversy: Dhee, Santhosh and Arivu’s War of Words – The Quint

  1. All About ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ Controversy: Dhee, Santhosh, and Arivu’s War of WordsThe Quinta
  2. ‘Always credited Arivu’: Dhee on Enjoy Enjaami controversyThe news minute
  3. “Enjoy Enjaami is mine, Arivu, Santhosh Narayanan,” explains Dhee. Says she’s misinterpretedIndia today
  4. Arivu Claims Credit For ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ Resists Mainstream Erasing Caste From His Storythe swaddle
  5. Arivu, Dhee and the ‘Enjoy Enjaami’ controversy explainedThe Hindu
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