All Achievements in Sea of Thieves season 7 and how to unlock them

The Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 expansion is finally here and players can finally enjoy some of the great features that the new update brings.

This season ushered in the arrival of the ship Captaincy, one of the highly anticipated features the community has been looking forward to. Seafarers can now name their ships, try out a plethora of embellishments on their ship, and even review their past Captain’s Voyages feats aboard the “Captained Ship.”

It only took us four years, four months, 15 days and 13 hours(ish), but you can finally name your ship in our crazy pirate game. Cheers!

Like the previous seasons, Season 7 will offer 100 free levels of rewards to all players who get their hands on the expansion. The rewards, mainly with cosmetics and other collectibles, will be unlocked as players gain fame as they continue to play the game.

However, the more premium loot will only be made available when players pick up the latest optional Plunder Pass. In addition to the new collectibles, there will also be several achievements that players can unlock to get their hands on some Gamerscore.

All Achievements in Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7 and how to unlock them

In total, there will be 13 Achievements for players to unlock in Sea of ​​Thieves Season 7, which will bring a cumulative reward of 300 Gamerscore.

The achievements and associated objectives and gamerscore are as follows:

1) O Captain!

  • Objective: Sail as one of the crew on a ship with captain.
  • Gamer Score: 10

2) The Quartermaster

  • Objective: Restock your ship with any type of stock from the Shipwright.
  • Gamer Score: 10

3) A manned wisdom

  • Objective: Read the Captain’s Logbook of another crew.
  • Gamer Score: 15

4) The Art Collector

  • Objective: Place 15 trinkets at a time aboard a captained ship.
  • Gamer Score: 15

5) Ready for next time

  • Objective: Store a fully decorated ship with captain in the Ship Customization Chest and Ship Flag Box.
  • Gamer Score: 15

6) Chasing the horizon

  • Objective: Spend 10 days at sea aboard a ship with a captain, as a captain or one of the crew members.
  • Gamer Score: 20

7) An experienced traveler

  • Objective: Complete 30 Captain’s Voyages aboard a captained ship.
  • Gamer Score: 20

8) A touch of class

  • Objective: Turn in 200 treasures to the Sovereigns.
  • Gamer Score: 20

9) That’s ‘Captain’, mate…

  • Objective: Set sail as Captain of Adventure for the first time.
  • Gamer Score: 25

10) No expense spared

  • Objective: Buy a Treasured Trinket.
  • Gamer Score: 30

11) A professional pirate

  • Objective: Unlock a legendary title by improving your pirate milestones.
  • Gamer Score: 35

12) A seasoned ship

  • Objective: Unlock a legendary ship title by improving your ship milestones.
  • Gamer Score: 35

13) A fleeting fantasy

  • Objective: Own 15 ships.
  • Gamer Score: 50

Season 7 of Sea of ​​Thieves has been one of the most anticipated updates in the piracy RPG for quite some time now. Now that it’s finally live, players can look forward to some of the great content the title has in store for them.

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