All New Changes In OxygenOS 13 and OxygenOS 12

As we heard in previous news, OnePlus will release OxygenOS 13 with its next flagship OnePlus 10T on August 3rd in New York City’s Gotham Hall.

According to sources, OxygenOS 13 is expected to be fully based on Android 13 and its features; Since then, OnePlus has released a glimpse of OxygenOS 13 on its official YouTube channel, and it has become a hot talk among all OnePlus users, and since then many OnePlus users have been wondering how OxygenOS 13 will be different from OxygenOS 12 and which new feature will be added in OxygenOS 13.

To help those OnePlus users, we’ve created this article where we compared the features between OxygenOS 12 and Oxygen OS 13.

OxygenOS 12

The first major difference between both user interfaces was that OxygenOS was based on: android 12and OxygenOS 13 would likely be based on Android 13.

This feature has been introduced with a new design and gestures.

More dark shadow options have been added.

  • New features added to the game mode:

More features like screen recorder, voice modulator, orientation lock and more have been added to the game mode of the phones so that the user could get a seamless experience while playing the games.

New themes have been added with new icons and font styles, and more.

In OxygenOS 12, the user interface and user control have been updated.

For users with more privacy and security, users can store photos, videos, documents, audio and other types of files in the Private Vault. this is the updated version of the lockbox feature.

In this, a new option has been added, which will protect the battery against overload.

OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13

According to the source, the material you use will completely improve the user experience in OxygenOS 13. It allows users to customize the settings of phone app icons, notification calling apps and more in a colorful way.

This has been added for low power and more advanced audio support.

  • View/edit pop-up clipboard on screen

All the new features for viewing and editing the clipboard items in a popup can come on the screen according to: Android 13 beta updates.

This feature allows users to send files in a safe and easy way without the system having access to any media.

Allows users to select the language per app without changing the default language of the app.

This comparison is made according to the Android versions; this may vary after the release of the OxygenOS 13 stable version.

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All the new changes in OxygenOS 13 and OxygenOS 12

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