Amazon is working on a creepy feature that will enable Alexa to speak in your dead relative’s voice

  • Amazon is working on a new feature that will allow Alexa imitate the voices of others.
  • Alexa can listen to that person and mimic the voice for less than a minute.
  • The feature is intended to allow you to use your deceased relative’s voice with the assistant.

A recent trend last year allowed users to animate pictures of people, which was mainly used to animate pictures of dead friends and relatives. While some people would find this feature comforting, many people found it scary. If this wasn’t scary enough for you, Amazon is working on a feature that will allow Alexa to speak in the voice of your deceased relative.

Yes, you read that right. Alexa will soon answer your questions with the voice of your deceased relative. Amazon revealed that it is working on this feature at Amazon’s Re: MARS (Machine Learning, Automation, Robots and Space) conference.

Amazon has said it wants to “make memories last” and is working on a system that will allow the voice assistant to mimic each voice after hearing the sound of the person speaking for less than a minute.

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Announcing the position, Rohit Prasad, senior vice president, Alexa Team, said that while artificial intelligence (AI) can’t take away the pain of losing loved ones, “it can certainly make the memories stay.”

Prasad then played a video where a child asks Alexa, “Can Grandma finish reading The Wizard of OZ”. Alexa obeys by saying “okay” and begins to read in the child’s grandmother’s voice.

At this point, it’s not clear what stage the feature is at right now, and Amazon hasn’t revealed a timeline for its rollout.

Aside from the fact that some people may sneak out, the upcoming feature also has security implications. It may be possible to abuse this feature and use the voices of others. This can be abused, allowing people to use the voice of celebrities or other people without their permission.

This can also be a fun way for Amazon to pay celebrities to lend their voice to Alexa.

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