American President Joe Biden Falls off Bike, Netizens Blame Toe Straps

Video of US President Joe Biden falling from a bicycle has gone viral. The incident happened on a beach in Delaware. You can see him stop the bike at an intersection to much cheering and then fall down while the bike is stationary. It appears that his shoes got caught in the spokes of the bike and he lost his balance.

“My friend just filmed Joe Biden @POTUS falling off his bike, no joke. It just happened on Rehoboth Beach.”

“Joe Biden fell off his bike on the beach in Delaware this morning.”

Netizens said such bicycle accidents are common.

“His right sneaker got caught in the pedal, he tried to lift it off the pedal and place it on the floor so he can shift his weight to the right leg. I saw the exact same fall when my son came to a stop in the park last week. A common accident.”

“Correction. If you look closely, he has his left foot on the floor, and when he tries to support his weight with his right foot… by placing it on the floor… it gets caught in the pedal strap.”

‘Why the hell are you laughing? He is 79 years old. Have some respect! It looks like his leg is getting caught in the pedal. Can happen to you too. My ex-husband’s grandfather was over 80 years old and rode his bicycle every day. Often fell when stopped, but kept driving.”

“This is done with toe clips. I’ve done it, and I’ve competed in triathlons. It’s not an indication of skill, just an accident. It’s MUCH worse not having the toe clips and having your foot slip off during a ride.

“Toe clips are terrible – the foot gets stuck all the time. I hope I’m on my 79th bike and don’t break something if I fall hard.”

“To be fair, he rides a bike with toe straps that are hard to get off if you stop if you’re not used to using them.”

However, a few joked about the president losing control of the bike.

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