Annu Kapoor says his iPad, credit card, ‘lot of cash’ stolen in France. Watch

Actor Annu Kapoor, who is currently touring Europe, said his bag was stolen in Dijon Ville, near Paris. Annu posted a video on Instagram saying that some people came to help him with his luggage while he was boarding the train. However, they stole his Prada bag in which he kept, among other things, his money, iPad, agenda and credit card. He also warned people traveling to the country to stay vigilant. (Read also | Annu Kapoor recalls rejection in Barry John play despite top scorer: ‘I was mentally disturbed’

In the more than a minute long video, Annu spoke in Hindi and said: “My Prada bag was stolen, with a lot of money in Swiss Francs and Euros, my iPad, my diary and credit card. They stole everything, so when you visit France visit, be very careful, because here are pickpockets, dishonest people and thieves.” The actor was sitting on a train as he spoke into the camera.

“After I reach Paris, I will make a complaint to the Paris police. Here the railway officials have supported me by saying that they will accompany me there. So be careful, if you come to France, be very alert to the thieves here. I was met with a huge tragedy, but thank god I have my passport with me. But I lost my credit card and cash. I thought I should warn you if you are planning to travel to France,” he added.

Annu captioned the post: “I’m on a tour to Europe, unfortunately my bag with my gadgets and valuables was stolen in France.” He also tagged the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Minister S Jaishankar, France Tourism, the French Police and the Embassy of India, Paris in the caption.

In another post on Wednesday, Annu shared a video standing at a train station after arriving from Paris Gare de Lyon. He said that the people of the country are proud of their literature, painting and the French Revolution. Annu added, “I’ve noticed that 50 percent of people are very arrogant and snobs.” He said that when the “thieves” stole everything from him on June 18, he posted the video to warn people who wanted to travel to France.

Annu also said the French railway service TGV, which was known in France, called it a ‘bakwa’ (nonsense) and impractical’ train. He said that if one travels with a small backpack, there is only enough space to keep it. However, for those traveling with luggage, there is no space to keep their belongings.

Annu also said that after watching the TGV he feels ‘Bharat ki rail isse so guna accchi hai (India’s railways are ten times better)’. He captioned the clip: “I share your experience of my trip to Dijon Ville and Paris in France. #europetraveldiaries #travel #traveldiaries #europe #parisfrance.”

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