Annu Kapoor’s bag, credit cards, cash and iPad stolen in France: ‘Ek number ke jeb katre aur chor log hain’ | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor recently took to social media to warn his followers about “thieves and pickpockets in France.” Annu Kapoor shared a video on his Instagram handle, delving deeper into the unfortunate incident, revealing how some people stole his purse, credit cards, calendar, cash and iPad. He later posted another video in which he talked about French people and compared the trains in France to the Indian railways. Just after he posted the video, it started getting comments where people started talking about their bad experiences in France while comforting him. Some comments read: ‘I recognize myself in this. Much of our money was stolen from my mother’s purse at the Paris Eiffel Tower in 2015’, and ‘France is known for stealing, sir!!’ Keep an eye on ETimes for more news and updates.

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