Annual General Meeting: Daimler Truck reaffirms leadership claim on the road to sustainable transportation

At the first annual general meeting, Daimler Truck Holding AG (“Daimler Truck”) confirms its claim to be the leading company in the transport sector, driving the transformation of the sector and creating sustainable added value for customers, shareholders and employees. In its first year of independence, despite significant external uncertainty, the company continues to pursue its clear strategy to maximize its profit potential to face the technological change towards zero-emission, safer and automated driving. Daimler Truck is committed to making sustainable transport a success and thus making an important contribution to the joint fight against global climate change.

The company founders started the modern transportation industry with their trucks and buses 125 years ago. Today, Daimler Truck, with approximately 100,000 employees, is one of the largest commercial vehicle manufacturers with a global reach. The company aims to achieve a minimum return on sales of 10% in its industrial operations by 2025, depending on the market environment. As an independent, listed company, Daimler Truck has been able to embark on the path to emission-free transport in an even more targeted and agile way since December 2021. The aim is to accelerate the development of vehicles with battery and fuel cell-based powertrains – under our own power and with strategically chosen partnerships. For Daimler Truck, battery and hydrogen technology complement each other and offer customers optimal vehicle solutions depending on their application and usage situations. As early as 2030, locally zero-emission commercial vehicles are expected to account for up to 60% of Daimler Truck sales. From 2039, the company only wants to offer vehicles that contain CO . in North America, Europe and Japan2-neutral while driving.

“Daimler Truck is one of the leading commercial vehicle manufacturers in the world. With an ambitious innovation strategy, the management team aims to continue to shape the transformation of the industry in the future. I was very impressed with the motivation and energy with which the international Daimler Truck team embarked on its own corporate journey,” said Joe Kaeser, Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the virtual annual general meeting. “The task now is to face the operational challenges of the present while keeping a sharp eye on the opportunities for sustainable value creation in the future,” continues Kaeser.

Martin Daum, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daimler Truck: “We live in a time of very different challenges that ask many of us all, because of: the COVID-19 pandemic, in which we still have to be careful; the war in Ukraine with its serious consequences; and, last but not least, climate change – which we must tackle together with full dedication. In times like these, acting responsibly is more important than ever. And taking responsibility has always been part of the culture at Daimler Truck, in all our teams around the world. This is exactly what Daimler Truck stands for. As an independent, listed company, we act responsibly as well as entrepreneurially. Our batteries are fully charged – and we will use this energy for the benefit of our customers, employees and shareholders.”

At the first annual general meeting of Daimler Truck Holding AG, the shareholders or their proxies will vote on the agenda items stated in the convocation and agenda, such as the ratification of the actions of the members of the Board of Directors and the actions of the members of the Supervisory Board for the 2021 financial year, the election of shareholders to the Supervisory Board and the remuneration system for the members of the Executive Board. A decision is also taken on the allocation of the distributable profit.

Detailed information on the agenda can be found at: Annual General Meeting 2022 (

SOURCE: Daimler truck

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