Apple chipmaker TSMC has a warning on Taiwan-China war

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Apple chip maker TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd) Chairman Mark Liu has issued an important warning about ongoing tensions between China and the US that threaten to degenerate into an all-out war between Taiwan and China. In an interview with CNN recently, Liu said that the Taiwan-China war would make everyone losers. “War doesn’t bring winners, everyone’s losers,” Liu said.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan has sparked another escalation in tensions between Washington and Beijing. China considers the visit of Pelosi, a longtime critic of Beijing, an encouraging sign to the pro-independence camp in Taiwan and has warned against it repeatedly.
In the interview, Liu said that if Taiwan is invaded by China, the chipmaker’s factory will not be able to operate because it relies on global supply chains. “No one can control TSMC by force. If you launch a military force or an invasion, you render the TSMC factory useless,” Liu reportedly said. Going into detail, Liu added: “Because this is such an advanced manufacturing facility, it relies on a real-time connection to the outside world, to Europe, to Japan, to the US, from materials to chemicals to spare parts to engineering software and diagnosis.”
TSMC is one of the world’s most advanced chip manufacturers with over 50% of the world’s semiconductor foundry market. It makes processors for several US companies, with Apple and Qualcomm being two of its largest customers. TSMC produces Apple’s A-series and M-series chips.
Home of the largest chip makers
Taiwan is home to the world’s largest contract semiconductor manufacturer, TSMC and peer United Microelectronics Corp.


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