Apple’s macOS 13 Ventura with new Stage Manager tool announced at WWDC

Apple unveiled a new version of macOS at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The new operating system, macOS Ventura, includes a new Stage Manager organization tool and updates to Spotlight.

Activated from the Control Center, the utility automatically organizes your open apps to the side of your screen, centering the app you’re working on. Users can also drag icons from the desktop to the side app icons to quickly import them.

Spotlight also comes with new updates: it can now find images in your photo library, find text in images, and call up shortcuts. Spotlight has also been added to the bottom of the iOS home screen.

Search in the Mail app has gotten tweaks, including more complete examples, direct suggestions, and typos. Safari has a new tab sharing feature that lets users see in real time which tabs their friends are viewing, and now supports biometric “passwords” as a replacement for traditional passwords across multiple supported platforms. (Apple, Google, and Microsoft all committed to supporting passwordless logins on all their mobile, desktop, and browser platforms earlier this month.)

The operating system also gives users the ability to “hand off” FaceTime calls between iPhones and Macs, allowing users to effectively use the iPhone’s (probably much better) camera as a webcam rather than the one on their Apple computer. Continuity Camera supports Apple’s Center Stage and Portrait Mode.

Apple also announced Metal 3, which, according to the keynote, will “unleash the full potential of Apple Silicon for years to come.”

Apple has long had a goal of bringing macOS closer to its mobile counterparts, a process that continues with this update. The past few macOS releases have brought key features of iOS (including Focus and Shortcuts), as well as design elements of the icons, windows, and menus, to the Mac. This overhaul, presumably, will continue to universalize the Apple enthusiast’s experience across all devices, especially when combined with new continuity-focused features like Universal Control.

Developing… we’ll add more to this post, but you can follow us with our WWDC 2022 live blog to get the news even faster.

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