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They are one modern, happy family. Unconventional, yes. Immovably close, absolutely yes! They do not always live under the same roof, but form one close unit. They fit together beautifully and stand out proudly. While Arjun Rampal has reinvented himself at this current stage of his career, the father of three amazing children Mahikaa (20), Myra (17) and Arik (2) is also learning new things about fatherhood every time in his personal life. day, all over again. And he cherishes it! Arjun talks to BT about parenting in these times and what it takes to be a cool dad and buddy they can lean on. Read more…

You became a father at 28 with Mahikaa’s birth, and then at 32 with Myra’s birth. Then, at age 46, Gabriella (Demetriades) and you had Arik. How different was it to be a father in your mid-40s, which is probably a more settled stage in your life?
It was absolutely different. If I had to go back to when I was 28 and relive my time with Mahikaa, I would do it exactly as I do Arik. I feel at that point (in your 20s), you’re so nervous when you have a kid, you’re young and it’s all so new. You’re also in that state of mind where you’re figuring things out and trying to please people in the workspace. So you tend to focus more on making a living for your kids rather than spending your life with them. And I think the most important thing in any family is to spend time together. Now I get to do that with all three and it’s great. They are my friends, and they are very naughty and always make fun of me. And I always fall for it. Mahikaa is the biggest prankster and so is Myra, and now even Gabriella has joined the gang.

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Will you learn new things about fatherhood with Arik and will you master the tasks of your father again? Raising a baby in the midst of the pandemic comes with its challenges?
A lot of things have happened that are not normal with Arik. To have him at the age I am now, and then the fact that he was born shortly before the pandemic… it was a period that changed all of us. We were stuck in a house; we couldn’t go out and meet people. So when you spend that much time, the way you observe a child is naturally different. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I probably wouldn’t have been able to be around him so much. Before Gabriella, to have this baby, at the beginning she was like, ‘Oh, I don’t know what I’m going to be like as a mother’. She is young and wondered how she would handle this new phase in her life. So we’ve been parenting together, which was fantastic. It all happened during scary times, but of course spending all that time together was what made our band so special. Arik also has two wonderful sisters who got to hang out with him a lot. We all spend a lot of time as a family. We talk a lot, express our feelings and share our thoughts with each other.

Mahikaa and Myra are now adults and belong to the new generation of children exposed to much more. They are confident and cool, do they make you feel cooler? Do they teach you their new age jargon?
We have conversations about many things. But I tell them their jargon is bullshit and I’m not interested in it. Of course they look at you like: ‘Oh, you don’t know anything!’ But I turn around and tell them I know a lot more and that I’m a lot cooler than they’ll ever be (laughs!).

So when you sit back and look at your family – your two girls who are very close, the way they’ve come to love their little brother, and how Gabriella and you interact with them – it all seems like one happy, comfortable, modern family. How do you feel about it? Content?
It’s the best feeling! I think I should have a few more kids (laughs!).

God has been kind. Touch Wood! It’s not just me, Mehr (Jesia) did a fantastic job raising the girls so well. So I feel very blessed. Even the rest of my family, my sister, cousins ​​- all of them, we are very close. I appreciate things much more now. My children and my family are teaching me to appreciate life more every day.

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Are you an overprotective father? How cool and comfortable are you discussing topics like love, relationships, boyfriends, et al, with Mahikaa and Myra?
I think they would be scared at first, but then they would talk about it. Well, they fooled me with some really horrible stories and they thought I would react differently. But I was very mature and dignified about it and I said… okay, let’s see how we handle this.” And they said, ‘No way, this can’t be your reaction!’ They are my friends and we are open to all kinds of conversations. Today parenting has changed. The way our parents were with us was different than with our children. And somewhere, I think, then there was a lot of love, but there was also a lot of forced respect. It came from fear, like how will daddy react,
aur mommy kya
bolegia† Children today have a lot of exposure, which they have succumbed to because they have no choice. That’s how the world has evolved, and if you’re not part of it, you’re considered a freak. So the best thing is to be a friend to your kid. It is very important to have a child that you can trust completely and vice versa.

How did it feel to see Mahikaa leave the nest to pursue her dreams (she studies filmmaking in the UK)?
For me it was earth shattering when she went there. She’s always lived such a sheltered life, but she made the transition so gracefully. As parents, we realize that we also have to give them space. I ask myself, can I trust them? The answer is yes. Are they justified? Yes, I think they are quite grounded. It’s okay to let loose and make mistakes; everyone does. It is part of life and learning. But as parents you know that you will always be behind you and that will not change. The whole world can change, but as a father I always have my children’s backs and that’s the one thing that will never change.

Do you feel settled with Gabriella and do you love the life and the house you have built with her?
I think she has been a complete blessing in my life. We both met at a time when there was a lot going on in our lives. There’s a saying in one of the series I did recently: “After absolute chaos comes absolute silence.” I hope we are over the chaos of our lives. Somehow I feel like we helped to find each other and the connection we formed.

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