Audi Progressive Retail: The brand with the four rings launches a new interactive concept for customers

Even more than before, Audi puts the customer at the center of its dealerships: with a completely new, inviting and progressive showroom architecture, interactive digital elements and employees who are enthusiastic about new technologies. The Audi Progressive Retail concept offers customers the space to experience Audi products and the Audi brand in an emotional and individual way, while at the same time reflecting the brand with the forward-looking mindset of the four rings.

Instead of the traditional counter, customers are greeted by Audi Progressive Showroom employees at a large welcome table. The idea is that guests feel welcome and at ease from the moment they enter. The consultancy booths are also integrated into the showroom, with high-quality furniture and mood lighting for a noticeably new brand experience.

“The new retail concept makes our brand strategy – with a focus on sustainability, design and digitization in retail – tangible in a people-oriented, individual way,” says Hildegard Wortmann, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “Audi Progressive Retail will visibly transform our dealers into an interactive space, making them important partners within the Audi ecosystem.”

Emotional products and the brand

The concept will premiere at a recently opened pilot plant in Morumbi, a district of São Paulo, Brazil. The modular Progressive Showrooms will then be gradually rolled out worldwide on a voluntary basis from the beginning of 2023, especially in new construction and renovated buildings. The new concept gives dealers the freedom to play with materials, colors and contrasts of products and make the brand more emotional.

Audi has defined a selection of different elements for the new showrooms, including a stage for vehicle presentation and a lounge for customer consultations. At digital touchpoints, customers can discover what the Audi ecosystem has to offer beyond the driving experience, and what technologies differentiate Audi from the competition – technologies that will increasingly turn the brand’s models into a personal “experience device”. moving forward. With tools such as 3D remote advice, personalized vehicle experiences and digital touchpoints, customers visiting Audi partners today can already experience examples of a holistic, digitized customer journey.

Customer-oriented personnel concept an important part

In the showrooms, the employees themselves are an important part of the new concept. The Audi Retail Experience personnel concept, which has been in use since 2016, is evolving in line with the changing needs of customers. As product specialists, the “Audi Experts” are now gaining new skills to inspire the passion for technology and the brand, for example by providing customers with information about services related to e-mobility. In this way, every Audi Expert ensures that customers can enjoy an individual shopping experience that puts them first.


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