Australia Women beat New Zealand Women by 5 wkts (3b rem) – Australia Women vs New Zealand Women, Commonwealth Games Women’s Cricket Competition 2022, 2nd Semi-Final Match Summary, Report

A couple of entertaining knockout matches led us to a final between Australia and India. Before that, there is a 3rd place playoff for the bronze medal between England and New Zealand. See you then. For now it’s goodbye to me, Ekanth, on behalf of my fellow comms mate Sudarshahnan and our scorer, K Vairavan.

momo: “As usual, Healy leaves her special turns for the final. Goodluck Team India”

Tautoru: “Won in the last over. Close. Those dropped catches….”

Daz: “This Australian team reminds me of the Brazilian national football team of the late 90s”

8:58 PM: Smiles and high-fives in the Australian dugout. They advance to another final. New Zealand was in this but by dropping a whopping five chances they couldn’t get past the T20 world champions. Australia presented opportunities, but the pros took advantage in between. Healy and Lanning were fired early. Mooney and McGrath had a 56-run tie that held the innings steady. There were chances of falling in them. But more importantly, the duo kept track. When they were fired, Haynes and Gardner continued to move the innings forward. In the end, Australia won with three balls left. But don’t think about Lea Tahuhu, who was not initially on the squad, but had enviable accuracy. She chose three, but could have had six on another day. Kerr was passable but had a missed punch opportunity, the skipper tried to keep the slopes dry at the end but the comparison was too far in Australia’s favour.

Devine to Gardner, 1 run, Full outside off, airborne between the bowler and short mid-on. It goes half way, they finish the single.

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