AvtoVAZ held the conference of suppliers

On June 23, the “Conference of Automotive Industry Suppliers” was held in AVTOVAZ in Togliatti, which was organized with the support of the Russian Engineering Union and Automotive Industry Cluster

On June 23, AvtoVAZ in Togliatti hosted the “Automotive Industry Supplier Conference” organized with the support of the Russian Engineering Union and Automotive Industry Cluster. The event was aimed at developing mechanisms for implementing objectives set by the President of Russia on June 16 at the meeting dedicated to the automotive industry.

During the working day, the conference of the suppliers of AvtoVAZ and the committee meeting on the development of cooperation and production localization in the automotive industry of the Russian Engineering Union were held.

The conference of the suppliers of AvtoVAZ was attended by the governor of the Samara region, Dmitry Azarov, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of Russia, Albert Karimov, the chairman of the government of the Ulyanovsk region, Vladimir Razumkov, the president of AvtoVAZ, Maksim Sokolov, as well as managers and representatives of enterprises-suppliers from Russia and friendly countries.

The conference was the first large-scale event in several years and the communication platform for AvtoVAZ and auto parts suppliers. In the new conditions of sanction challenges, the company is ready for substantive work on the replacement of imported auto parts, deepening the localization and cooperation with the domestic partners, as well as developing technical, scientific and production cooperation with them. AvtoVAZ welcomes the effective measures immediately taken by the federal authorities and the relevant ministry regarding the support of the components industry and the development of technologies.

AvtoVAZPresident Maksim Sokolov gave the conference participants the strategy and priorities of the company’s operation in the current circumstances. In particular, he said that “…only an open and direct dialogue with suppliers will enable the industry to survive and develop. to ensure the personnel.AVTOVAZ successfully resumed production of the LADA Granta and NIVA Legend, NIVA Travel and other models.The main challenge in these conditions is to retain and keep the professional team and cooperate on the development of the LADA model range. In this term, we are going to rely on new domestic platforms, local and localized solutions and components. Our priority is the technological sovereignty of the crucial technologies and components, which we can only achieve by cooperating with partners-suppliers and with state aid”.

The conference continued with the speeches of the profile managers of AvtoVAZ about the company’s activities. These are engineering, procurement, logistics, quality, etc. Top executives of the company said about transformations and the perspectives of interaction on separate vectors of cooperation and partnership.

The “Conference of Automotive Industry Suppliers” concluded with the meeting of the Committee for the Development of Cooperation and Production Localization in the Automotive Industry of the Russian Engineering Union, while the current problems of the development of the automotive components industry and the prospects for the achieving technological sovereignty of critical units, components and technologies were discussed.


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