Awesome! Android gaming in Microsoft Windows 11 is going to get A LOT better

Microsoft has focused on the Android gaming experience on Windows 11 and has launched a new version of the Windows subsystem for Android. And it’s going to change the game.

The Windows subsystem for Android was first launched in February 2022 and has been a popular addition to the Windows 11 arsenal since its launch. For years, gamers have been using third-party emulators to run Android applications and games on their more powerful PCs. But since the launch of the new subsystem, users no longer had to rely on downloading these emulators, which were often not completely stable, misconfigured and often available on shady websites. Even if Microsoft provided a convenient way for Android users to play games on Windows 11, it lacked many features. But now Microsoft is rolling out an update to add improved controls and new features.

The new Windows Subsystem update for Android is currently only available to members of the Windows Insider Program. The Insider Program is an open software testing program that the company uses to test new software, updates, and bug fixes. Version 2206.40000.15.0 update focuses on WASD keys for directional movement, gamepad compatibility, aim control, joystick and controller support, and more. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Android Gaming Gets Better on Microsoft Windows 11

The biggest addition to the Windows subsystem is the addition of directional keys in WASD. This one change also led to several other changes, such as support for controller pass-through and the use of arrow keys to aim. In the earlier versions, players could only use the arrow keys for directional movements. In addition, Microsoft has also added support for joysticks and controllers. But it should be noted that the Android subsystem already allowed controllers to be connected, but now players get a special options menu that allows them to turn it on and off during the game and see other options. This is also useful in the case of Android games that support multiple control options.

On the optimization side, Microsoft has fixed page browsing, images, network improvements, reliability issues and made it much easier to troubleshoot using the diagnostic center.

The update is currently only available to testers in the US. However, it is expected to expand to France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK by the end of the year. The latest version can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

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