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With little babies something new happens every day. They do something or learn something that is so new to them that it becomes a spectacle for those who love and surround them. This particular video shared on Instagram quite recently and going viral of all sorts shows how a little baby reacts to his first taste of chocolate in his life. And if you’re someone with a sweet tooth and especially fond of chocolates, his reaction will only seem relatable to you, to say the least. The clip opens with a small baby enjoying his first taste of chocolate, prompting him to utter his first words. He goes out of his way to convey that what he ate was good and the netizens couldn’t stop going ‘aww’ after that.

The video was shared on the Instagram page of the mother of this little baby named Elizabeth and has more than 8,500 followers on her Instagram page, where she describes and blogs about her journey of motherhood. The video was shared on Instagram with a caption that reads, “Can’t believe I caught it on camera. Did you hear?” The caption was accompanied by the emoji of a tearful face. The sheer cuteness of the video will make you want to watch it again and again.

Watch the video here:

Since it was uploaded to Instagram on July 6, the video has received more than three lakh likes.

On Instagram, someone writes, “Would be perfect for a chocolate commercial!” “He clearly speaks for someone so young. Nicest smile on his face, beautiful boy,” adds another user. A third comment reads: “He talks great for being so young, well done dear.”

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