Bahubali 2 Defeated By Four Movies

Bahubali 2 defeated by four films

Bahubali2 has been the invincible winner at the Indian box office since 2017. The film broke all records of all regional language films in the South and was at the top of historical collections.

Many assumed that it will be difficult to break that record in the next ten years.

But by 2022, the records were shattered by the respective regional language films in the regional zones.

Rajamouli’s own film RRR broke Bahubali2 records in AP and Telangana. While the surge in ticket prices helped the film deliver this feat, it’s a really impressive show at the end. RRR collected Rs 415 Cr in AP and Telangana together. Bahubali2 could earn Rs 307 Cr in this region.

Kamal Hassan, starring Vikram in the lead role, broke Bahubali2 records and made an impressive Rs 150 Cr. Bahubali2 could hit the Rs 146 Cr mark.

The situation is also similar in Kerala. Pulimurugan made a collection of Rs 79 Cr which surpassed the achievement of Malayalam Bahubali2, which could yield Rs 73 Cr.

Sandalwood made its first ever pan-Indian blockbuster in the form of KGF2 which brought in a whopping Rs 165 Cr in the home ground breaking the Bahubali2 collection which was at Rs 129 Cr.

So now the movies that are bigger than KGF2, RRR and Vikram turn out to be the biggest in Indian moviedom. For example, regional language films increased the power of Indian cinema. This is truly an incredible achievement of all these films in the post-pandemic era.

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