Beware! These malware apps on Google Play Store will steal from you; check list here

Hidden in the Google Play Store disguised as regular apps are also many malware apps that pose a threat to your privacy and security. View the list here.

Google Play Store allows you to download many apps that you may need for entertainment or work. It contains various apps from different categories such as games, messaging applications, camera apps and more. However, not every Play Store app you install is safe to use. According to a report by, several apps with dangerous adware and data-stealing malware were discovered by cybersecurity researchers about a month ago, and some of these apps are still available on the Google Play Store.

For those unaware, malware apps pose a threat to users’ private data as they often have spyware capabilities which means they can steal data from other apps on your device. According to a report by Dr. Web antivirus adware apps and data stealing spyware are the biggest threat to Android devices. Also read: Nothing Phone (1) can be hard to buy after launch, know why

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Malware is known to not only threaten your privacy and security, but also harm your phone. According to the report of, unwanted ads will sneak into your phone due to an adware malware downloaded from Google Play Store. As a result, the phone battery will become overloaded and the phone may heat up, affecting the overall user experience. These apps can also cause unauthorized financial transactions and cause you huge monetary losses.

Here is a list of malware apps in the Google Play Store that you should not download. It can be noted that Google Play Store has removed some malware apps from its platform, but some are still there. If you have installed any of the apps listed below, you are advised to uninstall it from your phone immediately. Also read: Battery capacity iPhone 14 CLACKED! Surprisingly, iPhone 14 Max gets the largest battery

1. PIP Pic Camera Photo Editor: The malware in the app can steal your Facebook credentials.

2. Wild & Exotic Animals Wallpaper: This app is one of the masking adware that, once downloaded, will change its name to ‘SIM Tool Kit’ and add itself to the battery-saving exception list.

3. Zodi Horoscope – Fortune Finder: It is similar to PIP Photo Editor and has the ability to steal your credentials on social media accounts like Facebook.

4. PIP Camera 2022: It also steals your information from the social networking application Facebook.

5. Magnifier Flashlight: It is an adware app that will fill your phone with ads and videos.

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