Beyonce just released her first song in two years and fans love it – Music

American singer Beyonce, who has won 28 Grammy Awards, released her new single ‘Break My Soul’ from her seventh solo studio album, Renaissance on YouTube in the form of a lyric video and fans are overjoyed.

The track is expected to take the dance floor by storm with its catchy beat and powerful lyrics. “I’ve got motivation, I’ve found a new foundation for me, yeah, and I’m taking my new rescue, and I’m going to build my own foundation, yeah” are some of the catchiest lyrics in the song.

Not only does the song showcase Bey’s powerful vocals and rapping skills, it also features samples from Robin S.’ hit track ‘Show Me Love’ and Big Freedia’s ‘Explode’ to undoubtedly become one of the biggest tracks for this summer dance scene.

This is probably the sixth track on her new album, as the lyric video starts with the song title and number six, just like all her social media bios have read for the past week. The album is said to be a mix of country and dance music and in multiple editions due to the new song labeled ‘Act One’. Beyonce announced on Thursday that her highly anticipated album will be released on July 29.

Fans of Beyoncé, the Bey Hive, are ecstatic to hear not only the new song, but also that the album will be released soon, landing the song at Spotify’s top spot and at number two on Apple Music.

As a surprise move, Beyonce released the song three hours earlier than expected on her husband Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal, which was followed an hour later by its release on YouTube. It fell at midnight on all other platforms.

Her latest song, “Black Parade,” was released in 2020 to commemorate Juneteenth, the day slavery became illegal in the United States, but she hasn’t released an album since 2016. Lemonade

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