Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Rumoured Contestants List

Bigg Boss Season 6 Contestant Rumor List

Bigg Boss Telugu viewers eagerly await the next season after host Nagarjuna confirmed that regular people can now apply for Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 too.

It is big news for the public that the makers of Bigg Boss Telugu have been holding back the entry of the common man for a few seasons.

But applications are now open and, according to the sources, there are a large number of applications flowing to the Star Maa websites.

But there are some big celebrities on the small screen going around on social media websites for Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants. Varshini, Navya Swamy, Deepthi Pilli, Anchor Dhanshu, Chaitra Rai and Aadhi are said to have been approached by the show makers to sign a deal.

Anyway, it’s too early to predict the contestants, but the show makers will be getting prepaid themselves from now on to make the show perfect.

Well, it is known that Bigg Boss Non Stop top five contestants will rejoin Bigg Boss Telugu season 6.

Bigg Boss Non Stop second runner-up Anchor Shiva has many chances to re-enter the show.

Following the lead of Shiva, Mitraaw and Anil Rathod, the Bigg Boss Telugu seasonal greenhouse could also be entered. Bindu Madhavi and Akhil may not participate in the show as they are busy with their next projects.

According to the insiders, the creators are planning something special and different to brighten up Season 6.

We can say that Bigg Boss Telugu creators can take over a few duties from the Bigg Boss shows in Hindi and Kannada. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 may be released in the first week of September.

So also let us know who your predicted Bigg Boss Telugu 6 contestants are. Follow Greatandhra for more updates.

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