Bimbisara AP/TS Day1 Collections – Highest for Kalyan Ram

Bimbisara has taken a very good opening in the Telugu states as the film has amassed a distributor share of 6.20 Cr (5.90 excl. GST imports). This is the highest opening ever for Kalyan Ram. The cinema rights of the film are estimated at 13 Cr in the Telugu states and the film is set to break even by the end of the weekend. The film brings good news to the public.

Area AP/TS Day1 Collections Pre-release company
Nizam 2.12 Cr (1.90 Cr excl. VAT entry) 4Cr
renounced 1.25 Cr 2.50Cr
UAA 0.90 Cr (0.80 Cr excl. VAT entry)
guntur 0.57 Cr
East 0.43 Cr
West 0.36 Cr
Krishna 0.33 Cr (0.29 Cr excl. VAT entry)
Nellore 0.26 Cr
Andhra 6.50Cr
AP/TS 6.22 Cr (5.86 Cr excl. VAT entry)
OS 1Cr
Worldwide 15Cr

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