Bimbisara Movie Review, USA Premiere Report, Live Updates

Bimbisara movie review

— Second Kalyan Ram has been introduced and the story shifts to the present. Bimbisara lands in Hyderabad.

— The first issue is comparable to a regular item number with a good dose of glamour.

— Bimbisara starts on an interesting note and introduces its lead. The VFX work is visible from the start itself. Story shifts to current.

The premiere of Bimbisara USA will begin soon. Stay tuned for the report.

Bimbisara pre-release talk:

Bimbisara is the new movie of Nandamuri Kalyan Ram. It is his first outing after a hiatus and introduces a new director, Vassishta, to Telugu cinema. The epic film from the period and time travel will hit screens all over the world on August 5.

First, the theatrical trailer and story idea worked with the mix of past and present for its intended mass audience. There’s a curiosity about the story, which is the film’s biggest USP. Debutant Vassishta scored here to attract attention.

Besides the story, Nandamuri Arts banner is known for new subjects and themes. Bimbisara is the latest addition to the list. Kalyan Ram, with a debut director on the home banner, has been a recipe for success. Who can forget Athanokkade and Pataas?

The trade hopes that Bimbisara is a new addition to the list and will end the dry run at the cash register in the Telugu states. More than anyone else, a success here will be a big boost for Kalyan Ram.

Bimbisara stars Catherine Tresa and Samyuktha Menon as the female lead. Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji and Srinivas Reddy play other crucial roles. MM Keeravani provides the music for the period-cum-contemporary story.

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Bimbisara movie review by Mirchi9

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