Boris Johnson loyalist accuses Rishi Sunak of ‘ruthless coup’

One of the main loyalists of outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and supporter of Foreign Secretary Liz Truss as his successor, Rishi accused Sunak on Thursday of leading a “ruthless coup” against his former boss.

UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has previously been attacked for attacking his choice of expensive suits and shoes, a joke to portray him as far removed from the cost of living crisis facing the British public at large. .

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“It’s about judgment and it’s about who voters can identify with and who voters think they’ve walked in their shoes and understand their lives,” Dorries told the paper. BBCwhen faced with the attacks.

“I am bitterly disappointed that Boris Johnson was ousted in a brutal coup, as he was, largely led by Rishi Sunak,” she said.

The personal wealth of Sunak and that of his wife Akshata Murty – the daughter of Infosys co-founder Narayana Murthy – has been mentioned repeatedly in a race in which the British Indian former minister has admitted to being the “underdog”. He raised the issue head-on in a TV debate when he spoke of his pride in what his in-laws had accomplished with Infosys.

“My father-in-law came out of nowhere, had only a dream and a few hundred pounds that my mother-in-law’s savings brought him, and in doing so, built one of the world’s largest, most respected, most successful companies that, by the way, employs thousands of people. here in the UK,” he said earlier in the Tory leadership contest.

“It’s an incredibly conservative story, actually it’s a story that I’m very proud of and as Prime Minister I want to make sure we can create more stories like theirs here at home,” he said.

Truss and Sunak will address their first official Tory leadership meeting on Thursday evening in the northern England city of Leeds and set up their booth for the estimated 180,000 members who will soon be voting in the race.

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