Bought a Tata Nexon EV Max: Initial impressions & charging experience

The car has a very good seating position and even my father-in-law of 1.80m had no problem sitting in the back. Shoulder openings are also very good.

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Tata Nexon EV MAX – Spaceship on wheels:

Hi BhPians,

This is my experience buying and owning the Nexon EV Max. It’s getting a little long, so please bear with me.

Purchase decision:

I’ve had a Grand i10 Asta petrol for 3 years and wouldn’t have thought of changing it. However, the decision changed when I brought my recently serviced vehicle to my hometown of Coorg for a week for a family celebration and then learned the pain of petrol cars in ghat sections.

So what basically happened is I put 12k of gas on it to drive 1000km. Yes, I agree that the car was always full and the road, although smooth and beautiful, could never get above 4th gear, even which I could barely reach.

And then it happened that every time we planned a trip, the topic of gasoline came up and we planned shorter trips. Yes, money wasn’t the issue, but somehow we felt like paying 90% of the travel budget for gasoline wasn’t worth it.

Then I finally made the decision to book the Nexon EV after convincing the Secretary of the Interior. I was also very impressed with the power and smoothness of the vehicle and range was not a major concern as the Bangalore to Hassan highway which I usually take to travel home has good charging infrastructure.

Booking experience:

I booked the Nexon EV Dark Edition at Kropex Electronic City in November 2021 and sold my i10 on December 2021 as I was promised delivery in January. However, in December, news started coming in about a longer Nexon EV variant with cruise control (which I believe was a big miss in the existing EV).

So I asked the showroom to wait for Tata to release the new variant which would be in February 2022. However the dates were pushed and pushed and pushed to May and I got my booking changed to Max 7.2kw on the same day so my name was at the top of the list. However, I was very disappointed that the Dark edition was not available in the Max variant.

PDI and delivery:

I delivered my car on July 17 but completed the PDI on July 11 to make sure they correct everything. There was only 1 small problem where the cloth could be seen outside in the center console, otherwise the car was in excellent condition.

I also got pre-registration insurance from Acko for almost half the rate the showroom quoted, but they happily agreed to let me arrange the insurance myself.

The delivery went smoothly. The delivery man gave a handy list of Do’s and Don’ts and after cutting the cake and changing the key we were sent away.

First ride from showroom to home:

I had planned in advance for the car to go to PPF and so my only drive of the week will be from showroom home, and since the PPF detailer was nearby I don’t have to drive much.

From Electronic City to Mysore Road, I took NICE road and I got used to the car in just 5 minutes, the car was so comfortable to drive. I didn’t feel jittery or nervous, nor did I have any issues overtaking in city mode. I averaged about 174 wh/km and although I felt it was high I knew I could always improve after I got used to the car.

Work done on auto mail delivery:


I’ve done a lot of research on the pros and cons of PPF and also contacted multiple detailers for quotes and clarification on the need for PPF. I found that for the Intensi Teal, the PPF is mandatory as it is nearly black and even a light swipe will result in swirl marks, just like the Dark edition.

Rakshith (+91 78290 12344) from Autorush Car Care Studio near Kengeri, Mysore Road was very responsive and constantly reached out to me and gave some free advice on how to check paint quality during PDI and what to do and what not to do after delivery for car maintenance. Since he was enthusiastic and gave me a good quote (not the cheapest) but the best combination of PPF and pricing, I decided to have the car PPF coated there. He used Stek and gave 5 years warranty compared to the Chinese brands promoted by many suppliers. Also got the wheel and glass coating for free which was an added bonus.
I did get a light peel, which is common with sharp contours, but he corrected it for free by bringing in the technicians. He is also very knowledgeable about all questions related to PPF and gives an honest opinion on things.

Floor mat:

I have a waterproof floor mat with Velcro that is custom stitched to EV and the installation was quite smooth. There are 3 wires on the passenger seat and 2 on the driver’s seat and easy to remove. I felt this was really needed from my previous experiences.

Dash Cam:

Bought DDPAI mini dashcam and installed it myself and plugged it into the cigarette lighter. I didn’t go for 24-hour monitoring as it requires an internal wiring connection or a power bank.

Driving experience:

After getting the car from Detailing I planned a short trip from Bangalore to Mysore to see if the claim of the Tata of Bangalore-Mysore round trip in 1 single charge is true.

I started my journey with 93% SOC when I got home late the previous day and the car usually takes 13 hours to charge at 3.3 kW. As it was around 7am traffic was moderate. I noticed the car was consistently giving an average of 134 kW/km, but there was open rack, and when I switched to cruise control at 100 km, the car was actually doing 120 Wh/km. Again, I had set AC to 24 degrees and also the outside temperature was around 27 degrees. I was constantly driving in the 70-100km range, but most of the time the car was running 80’s. Also, I was light on the pedal when accelerating braking, but when I had to overtake, I used the pedal on the metal. So to sum up, I wasn’t hypermilling and at the time was driving as fast as I can and keeping up with or passing all the ICE cars except some that you know mine are bigger kind of people.

Went to Mysore Zoo, because I had to introduce my son to his relatives and then my charge was 49%, with a range of 156 km, of which I needed 130 km.

However, Mall of Mysore had a Zeon 50kW fast charger and I thought I would charge my car there as my wife wanted to visit Chamundi Hills about 20km back and forth. There were 2 cars in front of me, 1 was dealing with a network issue and charging wouldn’t start, the other was a Prime EV and it wanted to fully charge from 18% and his charging was constantly getting cut off due to a mobile network issue. Finally after an hour it was done charging.

Luckily I had the Zeon RFID card with me and charging was effortless. I had no problems at all. I recommend to anyone who lives in South India, if you plan to charge, order the Zeon Smart card and you will thank me later. One thing I’ve noticed is that the car is constantly charging 30 kWh, which supports the claim that the car is limited to 30 kWh, but the good news is that it never slowed down its charging speed. It was consistent until the end of the charge at 85%. Hopefully Tata will respond to that soon.

After charging I visited the hills of Chamundi and as I traveled uphill the charge used was 9% from 85 to 76% and on return I got 1% back. After this I started my journey back home in 1 single piece.

When we came back, traffic was very busy, which is usually the case on this road. This started to eat my battery up a log, but I felt keeping the rain at 3 helped in the bumper-to-bumper traffic in big cities. Car actually shows notification to rest after continuous driving which is good.

Finally my trip ended with 27% SOC and 65km of range left.


Bangalore to Mysore in 1 charge is totally possible with any kind of driving.

Car does better at speeds of 100 km/h if you can use cruise control.

All the extra features such as Auto IRVM, ventilated seats, wireless charging, 4 disc brakes, Multi Mode Regen are very useful and well thought out. The vehicle has very good seats and even my father-in-law who is 1.80m had no problem sitting in the back. Shoulder openings are also very good. I feel like reviewers are spoiled for choice with the cars above this budget and are therefore nitpicking.

  • Brakes – Damn, they are overdone. Stops on a dime which was handy on a couple of occasions.
  • Autohold- is a heavenly mission and works flawlessly. We need to make sure the vehicle has come to a complete stop before Auto Hold kicks in.
  • Gear- Coming to my first line, it really is a spaceship. Only an EV can compete with this when overtaking. That also in City mode, and in Sport mode I never had to test.
  • Comfort – With no vibrations, we feel more relaxed and people are all impressed with the ride quality, which comes into its own at high speeds.
  • Steering – Very light at low speeds, but surfacing feels too much above 100km. But not so hard that it robs you of driving pleasure.
  • Handling – Gives you the confidence to push the car more evenly into corners and cornering at high speed thanks to good weight distribution and low center of gravity.
  • Software- Another spaceship, everything is electronic. All systems are hooked up and there are a few glitches here and there. I got a battery charge issue warning, a restricted drive mode warning in several cases, but went away after restarting the car. Never had any problems with the drive though. Also, the brake light seems to come on even when I turn the car off, but when I restart and turn it off again, they go away. All minor issues and don’t affect the experience in any way.
  • AC- Good performance and I think the ECON mode is well designed and helps to get more range out of the car.
  • Gear stick – Got used to it now and I feel it is faster than manual shifting.

Overall, the car is great and everyone who looks at it falls in love with it. Not once did I think about ICE cars after driving my Evie and never doubted my purchase decision.

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