Breast cancer: Apollo, Datar Cancer Genetics launch blood test for early detection

Apollo Cancer Centers, in partnership with Datar Cancer Genetics, has introduced a blood test that can detect early breast cancer in asymptomatic individuals.

The test, EasyCheck-Breast, can help detect breast cancer even before the first stage and is available at all Apollo Centers across the country.

“The launch of EasyCheck Breast marks a significant success in cutting-edge technological advancements, ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment to lower the death rate,” Prathap Reddy, founder and president of Apollo Hospitals, told press conference here on Wednesday.

According to Sudha S Murthy, Director of Clinical Support, Datar Cancer Genetics, the rate of deaths from breast cancer in India is up to 50 percent of cases, while it is much lower in Western countries.

“In India, we are seeing late stage, stage III or IV cancer, while in the West it is much earlier because of their robust screening programs. It is therefore our responsibility to identify at an early stage. If detected early, mortality is much lower. The EasyCheck breast test is a simple blood test, which is non-invasive and does not involve radiation mammography,” she said.

It is based on detection of circulating tumor cells, which are only seen in malignancies. The test is priced at Rs 6,000.

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June 22, 2022

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