BSNL to Launch 4G in August in this District With 5G Capable Hardware


Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the state-run telecom operator in India, is approaching its 4G launch timeframe. People who were aware of the developments had said that BSNL’s 4G launch would come in a soft way around August 2022, and a large-scale launch will be seen towards the end of the year. Well, another new development has surfaced. The hardware that BSNL will use to launch 4G services in Kanyakumari district in August 2022 will not only be 4G capable, but also support 5G.

According to a report by TheHindu, BSNL will launch 4G services in Kanyakumari by upgrading the existing 292 mobile towers in the Nagercoil Business area. These towers come with the kind of hardware that comes with 5G capabilities built in.

BSNL plans to add 300 additional towers in the area

According to the publication’s report, BSNL also plans to add more than 300 additional towers in the area. This will ensure that BSNL’s 4G network services in the Nagercoil Business area are superb, and consumers can get a great experience out of it.

But BSNL won’t stop here. To provide even better coverage, BSNL will also add 100 microtowers. These micro-towers will be added to the ‘heavy traffic load areas’ such as business parks, bus stops, hospitals and more to monitor network congestion that doesn’t ruin the customer experience.

If this is the kind of schedule BSNL has for each of the districts and says it will launch 4G services, the private telcos should be preparing for stiff competition. The report stated that these towers could be switched to 5G through a simple software upgrade, meaning that in the future, once BSNL finishes deploying 4G on a large scale, the state-run telco will extend the reserved spectrum of the DoT (Department of Telecommunications) and turn on 5G.

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