Bunny’s Plan B Considering Pushpa 2 Delay

Bunny's Plan B Considers Pushpa 2 Delay

Pushpa achieved unexpected success. Although the buyers were not safe in AP and the producers refunded some money, the incredible success in North India gave a big sigh of relief.

So there is a promising buzz on Pushpa 2. Sukumar is working on the script and the producers expect to make a profit and cover the losses of Pushpa 1.

But meanwhile, something discreetly happens from behind. There’s no clarity on whether it will be after Pushpa 2 or before, but there’s some movement regarding Bunny’s next movie. The director and other details have not yet been announced.

Geeta Arts is about to produce Bunny’s next movie. Boyapati is said to be the director of this film. But that project is still on hold. Nobody knows which director Bunny will go with for the next film.

Sources suspect Bunny is working on Plan-B in case the Pushpa 2 script is delayed. So he is working on another project according to the sources.

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