Buzz: NTR Needs Lot More Time?

Buzz: NTR needs much more time?

It’s a million dollar question to answer when Koratala’s movie with NTR will be.

All these days, many excuses have been made to delay the film in the name of Asadamasam and the problems in the second half of the script that are yet to be concluded. To sometimes cite the reasons for not finding a real heroine, things are delayed.

Finally, Kalyan Ram, one of the producers, stated that the shooting will start soon. But looking at the situation, it looks like nothing will start for the next six months.

Koratala has yet to prepare the script. He should find a heroine. NTR needs a makeover. His appearance is currently very bad according to the feedback he has received from Bimbisara’s pre-release event.

His face is so convex that it almost resembles the look of his Rakhi days. So it’s time for him to lose weight drastically.

If he has to live up to the current demands on the screen, he has to slim down to look good dancing and all. so it takes at least three months to get the desired shape.

So the film will not start in the coming months. It’s also not clear whether NTR is seriously considering Koratala’s film or looking directly at Prashant Neel to work for the pan-Indian project.

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