Buzz: Samantha Says ‘No’ To Act With Rashmika

Buzz: Samantha Says 'No' to Rashmika

Samantha is the top actress who has a commendable track record and national fame since her ‘Family man’. The same is the case with Rashmika Mandanna, who has awakened the fame of India with her Pushpa.

A company plans to make a commercial advertisement in the combination of Samantha and Rashmika. But Samantha initially agreed, but later denied the proposal.

When asked, it is said that she has a policy of not sharing the screen with other actresses. For example, she recently played together with Nayantara for the film KRK. I don’t know if she decided not to do a multi starrer after that.

It seems that she is only comfortable as a solo heroine. She now says a firm ‘no’ to two heroine films according to Grapevine. She is even willing to perform with young heroes, but on the condition that there is no second heroine.

She probably avoids the situation of being compared to the other actress, both in beauty and performance, the sources say.

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