Can Monkeypox spread be contained before it turns into COVID-like catastrophe?

With more than 27,000 cases detected in 88 countries, Monkeypox is becoming a concern worldwide. Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this a global emergency. Now many are speculating about certain facts, such as the nature of the transmission, whether it is a sexual disease, how contagious the virus is, as well as whether its spread can be contained or whether it could cause a catastrophe like COVID. Here’s everything you need to know:

Is monkeypox as contagious as Covid?

Monkeypox is not an unstoppable force and does not spread as fast as COVID.

Unlike the coronavirus, monkeypox does not spread as easily. It spread through extremely close physical contact such as infected skin, prolonged face-to-face contact, or contaminated surfaces such as a sheet or towel.

Is monkeypox a sexually transmitted disease?

The monkeypox virus is not categorized as a sexually transmitted infection. But at the moment it is mainly spreading among the men who have sex with other men.

The reason is clear. Sex is full of all the intimate skin-to-skin contact the virus uses to spread.

Can the spread of monkeypox virus be stopped?

In the past, monkeypox virus outbreaks could also be contained. We even managed to completely eradicate its close cousin smallpox.

“Monkeypox is easier because it’s less transmissible than smallpox, so we’re in a much better position,” said Prof Jonathan Ball, a virologist at the University of Nottingham, as reported by the BBC.

How can the spread of the virus be contained?

In response, Professor Paul Hunter of the University of East Anglia told the BBC: “The easiest way to prevent it is to shut down all very active sexual networks for a few months until it disappears, but I don’t think it ever will.” happen – you too?”

People will still have sex, Professor Hunter argues, adding “vaccination is pretty much the only option.”

Fortunately, the smallpox vaccine used to eradicate that virus is about 85% effective in preventing monkeypox. However, stocks for the vaccine are currently limited. WHO is now working with several companies to develop monkeypox vaccines

Which monkeypox vaccines are currently approved?

The WHO has announced that one smallpox vaccine, called MVA-BN, has been approved in Canada, the European Union and the US for use against monkeypox. Two other vaccines, LC16 and ACAM2000, are also being considered for use against monkeypox.

However, the WHO chief pointed to the real threat at the moment: “There are also challenges with the availability of this vaccine. There are about 16 million doses of MVA-BN worldwide. Most are in bulk form, meaning it will take several months take to “fill and finish” in ready-to-use vials.”

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