Charu Asopa questioned by netizens for wearing ‘sindoor’ amid divorce reports with Rajeev Sen; call her ‘dramebaaz’

Mere Angne Mein star Charu Asopa, who has filed for divorce from estranged husband Rajeev Sen, has been criticized by netizens for her new posts where she is seen wearing a sindoor wearing her orange sari.

Charu wished her daughter “happy 9 months” in the new photos.

With her brightly colored clothes she wore a gajra, heavy jewelry and a sindoor. She wrote: “Happy 9 months with my love, life and laughter. Thank you for coming into my life and making it so beautiful. I love you my jaan.”

She posted another reel in the same outfit, causing netizens to question her “sindoor” and some of them calling her “dramebaaz.” Some of the comments read: “She filed for divorce…kya hai ye log,” and “Iska toh divorce ho gaya na?😮 Toh yeh sindoor kyu lagayi.”

There is someone who wrote: “Sindoor kyu laga ke rakhi hai dramebaaz.” Another commented: “Samjh nhi aaya ki yh sindur kyu lagaya hai…jab rishta hi nhi rakhna hai, I’m sorry for Rajiv and Ziana.”

Problems in the conjugal port of Charu and Rajeev are not new. Just a few months after they got married, reports of their tiffs surfaced. They also made their fights pretty clear on social media by deleting their photos together and unfollowing each other.

But it seems they’ve both had enough. Charu told BT: “Everyone knows we’ve had problems in our marriage for the past three years since we tied the knot. But I kept giving him opportunities. Before it was for me and then for our daughter, Ziana.”

She added: “He has trust issues and I can’t take it anymore. I sent him a simple message requesting an amicable divorce as there is nothing left in our relationship. I want to break up because I don’t want my daughter to grow up in a toxic and violent environment. I don’t want her to see people abusing each other.”

Rajeev refuted her claims by saying that Charu never told him about her first marriage and it came as a shock to him. He also added that he is not an absent father. “I wish Ziana could speak for herself, then she would have answered how much her father loves her, how much she loves me and whether her father is available for her,” he said.

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