Chelsea, Inter Milan reach agreement over Romelu Lukaku loan

Chelsea striker Romelu Lukaku will return to Inter Milan for the season, with a deal ‘in principle’ agreed between the teams over a one-year loan period, with no further options, obligations or embezzlement. The two teams have been negotiating for a few weeks to make this possible, fulfilling the 29-year-old’s desire to reverse last summer’s move in the other direction.

Chelsea’s initial demand for a €20 million loan was quickly withdrawn, and Inter certainly came out on top in that regard. only €8 million eventually, plus unspecified add-ons. (UPDATE: Warm days Pedullà says that could go up to €5 million for winning the Scudetto.

It sounds like Inter are all Lukaku’s (diminished) wages and bonuses, so at least we have that in front of us. There are no other players involved in the deal, which is for the upcoming season only, so we’ll be doing this all over again in 12 months (and 24, and 36 and 48) from scratch.

According to The Athletic, Lukaku is not expected to undergo a medical until next week, after which the deal will become official. So we may have to wait patiently for that official announcement, but in the meantime, hopefully we can get to work on the rest of the summer’s action items.

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