Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 3 Live Updates: Jeremy Lalrinnunga Wins Gold In Weightlifting

Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 3 Live Updates: Jeremy Lalrinnunga Wins Gold In Weightlifting

CWG 2022: Indian weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga in action.© AFP

Commonwealth Games Day 3 Live Updates: Star weightlifter Jeremy Lalrinnunga has won India’s second gold in men’s 67kg weightlifting. He set a new Games Record of 300 kg combined lift. Meanwhile, India’s Tania Choudury has taken a lead in her fifth round women’s singles match against Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland. Yogeshwar Singh has also started competing in the men’s all-around gymnastics final. Later in the day, India will also be seen against Pakistan in the women’s cricket match in Edgbaston, Birmingham. Both India and Pakistan lost their respective opening matches in Group A and they desperately need a win. The third day would also focus on events such as cycling, boxing, swimming and badminton. On Day 2, India won four medals with weightlifter Mirabai Chanu taking gold. The contingent now hopes to back up Day 2 with good performance on Day 3.

Here are the Live Updates from Day 3 of the Commonwealth Games, straight from Birmingham

  • 15:53 ​​​​(IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy wins gold

    Jeremy wins gold in 67 kg weightlifting!!!

  • 15:47 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy sets new game record

    Combined Jeremey has lifted 300 kg – which is a new game record. In his second attempt he lifted 160 kg clean and jerk.

  • 15:44 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy sets new Games record

    In his case, Jeremy has lifted a total of 300 kg and this is a new Games record!!

  • 15:42 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy lifts 160 kg in clean and jerk

    On his second attempt, Jeremy lifts 160 kg in the clean and jerk category. He had lifted 154 kg on his first attempt!

  • 15:40 (IST)

    Swimming: Nataraj in 50m backstroke semifinals

    Srihari Nataraj of India qualifies for 50m backstroke semifinals with eight fastest timing in the heats – 25.52 seconds

  • 15:25 (IST)

    Weightlifting clean and jerk: Jeremy has yet to be lifted!

    Jeremy will try 160kg in clean and jerk. So far, Nauru’s Ditto Titus and Ruben Katoatau have each lifted 140 kg.

  • 15:21 (IST)

    Cycling: Ronaldo from India qualifies for 1/8 men’s sprint final

    Ronaldo from India has qualified for the 1/8th sprint final in the men’s cycling sport. It would be interesting to see how he does further. 1/8 finals start in half an hour.

  • 15:19 (IST)

    Swimming: Sajan Prakash out of heats!

    In the 200m butterfly, Indian Sajan Praksh finishes fourth in heat 4. Overall, he finishes outside the top eight with a timing of 1:58.99

    Qualification rules: the best 8 athletes advance to the final

  • 15:13 (IST)

    Cricket – India vs Pakistan

    It’s raining in Edgbaston and the toss has been postponed!

  • 15:07 (IST)

    Gymnastics: Yogeshwar Singh not in top 10

    Yogeshwar Singh is not in the top 10 in the art gymnastics finals so far!

  • 15:00 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy fails to lift 143!

    His previous lift was a Games Record 140kg in snatch, but he failed to do a clean lift in his third attempt at 143kg.

  • 14:54 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy nails 140kg lift

    On his second attempt, Jeremy lifts 140 kg. In charge and how!!

  • 2:52 PM (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy nails 136kg lift in snatch

    Jeremy doesn’t sweat as he lifts 136 kg on his first attempt at jerking! Good start for the Indian weightlifter.

  • 2:52 PM (IST)

    Gymnastics: Yogeshwar Singh is 15th

    India’s Yogeshwar Singh is currently 15th after the first three rounds. His total score is 37,600. Scottish Pavel Karno leads the field with a score of 41,600

  • 14:44 (IST)

    Weightlifting: Jeremy has yet to lift

    So far, in the men’s 67kg final, Samoa’s Vaipava Nevo leads the field with a 127kg lift in the snatch round

  • 14:21 (IST)

    Weightlifting: 67kg men’s final underway

    The 67kg men’s weightlifting final is underway and the event will see India’s Jeremy Lalrinnunga in action and he would aim to hit 130kg in his first attempt in snatch. Can he add to India’s medal tally?

  • 14:14 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania Gets Better!

    The scores are now 17-8 in favor of Tania Choudhury as she faces Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles, round 5, after 14 throws.

  • 14:09 (IST)

    Men’s Allround Gymnastics Final: Yogeshwar Continues!

    Yogeshwar Singh has scored 13,200 in his second rotation.

  • 14:05 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania Extends Lead!

    Tania Choudhury has increased her lead from 9-7 to 14-7 against Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles round 5 match after 12 pitches.

  • 14:01 (IST)

    Men’s all-round gymnastics final: Yogeshwar in 12th place!

    Yogeshwar Singh of India is in 12th position after the end of the first rotation in the final of Men’s All-Around Gymnastics.

  • 13:54 (IST)

    Men’s Allround Gymnastics Final: Yogeshwar Begins!

    Yogeshwar from India has scored 12,350 in his first rotation (rings).

  • 13:46 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania is in charge!

    Tania Choudhury recently lost four points to Northern Ireland’s Shauna O’Neill in the women’s singles round 5, but she still leads after nine pitches. The scores are 9-7 in her favor.

  • 13:37 (IST)

    Artistic gymnastics: men’s all-round final kicks off

    The all-round final of the men’s category in art gymnastics has started. Yogeshwar Singh from India will be seen in action soon.

  • 13:31 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania Takes the Lead!

    This is a really good comeback from Tania Choudhury. She has two points to take the lead from Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles round 5 match. The score is 4-3 in favor of Tania after five pitches.

  • 13:22 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania Fights Back!

    Tania Choudhury loses one point before winning one in her ongoing match against Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles, round 5. The scores are 2-3 for her after four pitches.

  • 13:13 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: First point for Tania!

    Tania Choudhury gets her first point. She now makes it 1-2 against Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles round 5 match after two ends of the throws.

  • 13:07 (IST)

    Lawn Bowls: Tania takes on Shauna in women’s singles

    India’s Tania Choudhury faces Shauna O’Neill of Northern Ireland in the women’s singles, round 5 of the lawn bowl event. She is currently trailing 0-2 after the first end of the throws.

  • 13:00 (IST)

    Yogeshwar in Artistic Gymnastics Finals!

    Yogeshwar Singh from India is taking part in the Artistic Gymnastics final today. The match starts at 1:30 PM IST.

  • 12:49 (IST)

    Zareen kicks off her campaign today!

    Nikhat Zareen kicks off her first CWG campaign today with a round of 16 match against Mozambique’s Helena Ismael Bagao in the women’s 48-50kg light flyweight category. The match kicks off at 4:45 PM IST.

  • 12:44 (IST)

    Where does India stand in the medal table?

    At the start of Day 3, India was in eighth place with a total of four medals to its name. Australia topped the list with 32 medals, including 13 gold. New Zealand followed it with 13 medals, including 7 gold, and the third position was taken by England with 21 medals, including 5 gold.

  • 12:32 (IST)

    Relive Day 2 Action!

    In case you missed the action yesterday. You can follow it all here in our highlights segment. CLICK HERE and enjoy our day 2 coverage.

  • 12:27 (IST)

    What to expect from day 3?

    In addition to the India-Pakistan match, there is extra action for India in the field of gynae, table tennis and weightlifting. You can check out the day 3 schedule of CWG 2022 HERE.

  • 12:20 (IST)

    How did India perform on Day 2?

    India took a total of four medals, including a gold from Mirabai Chanu. On the other hand, Sanket Sargar won silver, Gururaja Poojary won bronze before Bindyarani Devi took silver to end the day with a highlight for India. They’re all weightlifters.

  • 12:12 (IST)

    India vs Pakistan match today!

    The highly anticipated cricket match between India and Pakistan takes place today. The toss for the match takes place at 3:00 PM, while the action starts at 3:30 PM. Notably, both teams come after defeats in their respective opening games.

  • 12:06 (IST)

    Welcome men!

    Hello everyone, welcome to this room. After a great second day from India’s perspective, the Commonwealth Games are moving into their third day of action. You will get all live updates and scores related to different disciplines here. Stay connected!

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