Commonwealth Games 2022 Day 9 Live Updates

India will play against England in the women’s T20 cricket semi-final.

Shivani Naik trots through Brummie land in Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games. As the Brummies say, her facial features are ‘enhancing’ (brilliant!). As always, incredible stories pour in from the lives of inspiring athletes to how they do what they do in their sport. Did you know how a Chinese-born girl ended up in Canada to become a gold medalist? Or the hysteria surrounding Mirabai Chanu at the Games. Watch the CWG drama unfold through Shivani’s eyes and wisdom by clicking here

Meanwhile, Chennai is where chess wizards from all over the world have gathered for the Chess Olympiad. From Magnus Carlsen, who came in as a deity, to the love of hometown R Praggnanandhaa, everyone is there. Also present is our very own Sandip G, weaving poetic prose with insights into some amazing player life stories and tactical gameplay. He doesn’t miss a beat, so you don’t miss the meaning of any movement. Click here for Sandip G’s stories.

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