Continental relies on bio-attributed PVC BIOVYN™ for technical and decorative surface materials

Continental selects bio-attributed PVC BIOVYN™ for the production of automotive surface materials

Continental will use INOVYN’s BIOVYN™, bio-attributed PVC, in the production of its technical and decorative surface materials for its automotive customers. The agreement will help to reduce the environmental footprint and meet customer demand for sustainable bio-based products.

BIOVYN™ is a new generation of PVC grades certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). It is a ‘drop-in’ product that is made from a 100% renewable raw material, avoiding fossil raw materials. This innovative product saves more than 70% of greenhouse gases compared to conventional PVC production.

“Major automakers are now demanding more sustainable raw materials such as biobased polymers,” explains Dr. Dirk Leiß, who leads Continental’s Surface Solutions business area. “With the fully bio-attributed PVC material, we are meeting the demands of these customers, contributing to greater sustainability while also stimulating product innovation.”

Inna Jeschke, Business Unit Manager Polymers at INOVYN, said: “The INOVYN team is extremely proud to work with Continental to reduce the environmental footprint of its automotive customers. As the first commercial producer of bio-attributed PVC, we have received significant attention from all industries as we work together to improve sustainability and drive a more circular economy. We look forward to working with Continental on innovative solutions for a sustainable future.”

SOURCE: Continental

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