Covid-19: No Space for Complacency

While virologists have ruled out the possibility of India hitting a fourth wave due to its successful vaccination program, the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged all countries to remain vigilant amid fears more virulent variants of the deadly virus could emerge at any time. . † So the recent increase in the number of Covid cases in the country should not be taken lightly. On average, India has reported a daily caseload of more than 10 thousand in the past 15 days. All parameters of the pandemic, such as active cases, positivity rate and hospitalizations, are increasing. However, the death rate has not shown a major change so far, which is a great relief given the thousands of deaths during the first two waves. But one should not judge the severity of the disease by the death rate alone, as all other parameters show that the virus is active and until it is fully tamed there is no room for complacency. China is struggling to contain the outbreak of the pandemic. The virus is also active in other parts of the world and countries such as Australia, Germany and England are still looking for a way to end the threat.

Thus, any laxity in adhering to Covid-related protocols, such as wearing masks or washing hands, could prove fatal as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is constantly evolving and spreading rapidly, although not as serious as it is. earlier variants. A look at the states where Covid cases are on the rise will prove that caution in the wind has led to the rise of Covid cases. Many believe that the increase in Covid cases in Maharashtra is caused by increased social activities, which were banned until a few months ago. In fact, many pundits have called a gala birthday party of a highly successful Bollywood producer and director a super-distributed event, although there is no official confirmation on the matter. On the other hand, both Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are finding it increasingly difficult to contain the spread of the disease as the states are the industrial and IT capitals of the country respectively and attract large numbers of tourists. Because the vaccination process is still very slow in many countries, there are fears that outsiders will bring the virus into the country.

So, in line with WHO’s warnings, the country must be prepared to meet any public health challenge effectively. Leading scientists believe that many new viruses could emerge in the coming days as a result of climate change and that we may have to live with the fear of new epidemics or pandemics in the future. In order to prevent the viruses from causing harm to human society, the authorities together with the citizens must strictly enforce and follow the safety protocols. In this regard, the government should mandate the wearing of face masks in public places and continue the vaccination program with the same zeal. While India may not experience a fourth wave of Covid-19, the likelihood of an attack by new SARS variants is still high.

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