Crash Course actor Annu Kapoor says ‘with due respect to Arundhati Roy, she has betrayed the country several times’! | People News

New Delhi: Veteran actor and nationally award-winning star Annu Kapoor, who has starred in films such as Mr India, Vicky Donor, Utsav, Darr and Shaukeen, is best known for hosting Close-Up Antakshari for many years. The senior actor is now gearing up for his OTT stint on Amazon Prime with Crash Course.

In a recent conversation with Hindustan Times, Annu Kapoor opened up about his acting job and how not to become an IAS officer. He even pondered the thought of going into politics.

He said: “I’m not fit for politics. I don’t have the talent to be a politician. In one of my shows I explained what the literal meaning of a politician is. Poly means a lot and in a latent jargon, tician means rengne waale keede Politicians whether those in the judiciary or bureaucracy all people are by-products of our system And unfortunately our system is one of the most corrupt hypocritical and pretentious systems in the world I am not I am concerned about Switzerland, America or Guatemala, I worry about India. And I take my motherland very seriously and I feel very sad about it.”

In the same interview, he spoke about the Booker Prize-winning author Arundhati Roy. He tried to explain the OTT platforms and said, “The ones that are on top of OTT, with all due respect, come from the advertising world – who want to show everything in one minute. In the advertising world, you have to sell those things that have no quality. You’re trying to sell a false world And I think even cinema is like that In the cinema you ask an actor, who is a person, to be unreal to portray a character, but to make it seem real. If the interviewer is an actress. This is your real self. I’ve taken you as an actor and I’m asking you to be unreal, play the part of Arundhati Roy, and also be real. This is acting.”

He added: “Well I just take the name of that lady Arundhati Roy, with all due respect to her, she has betrayed the country several times.”

The veteran actor, who has appeared in several super-hit shows and movies, will be seen next on The Amazon Prime Video crash course.

Produced by Owlet Films, created by Manish Hariprasad and directed by Vijay Maurya, Crash Course features an ensemble cast of eight fresh faces – Mohit Solanki, Hridhu Haroon, Anushka Kaushik, Riddhi Kumar, Bhavesh Balchandani, Aryan Singh, Hetal Gada, Anvesha Vij , starring Annu Kapoor, Bhanu Uday, Udit Arora, Pranay Pachauri and Bidita Bag.

The 10-episode drama series is a fictionalized account of two warring coaching institutes and the effect it has on a group of young college students preparing for their competitive exams, with dreams in their eyes and expectation of their families on their backs. .

It will stream on Amazon Prime from August 5, 2022.

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