CWG 2022: Journey to Paris Olympics has begun; Mirabai Chanu didi’s support has been immense, says ‘golden’ boy Jeremy Lalrinnunga | Commonwealth Games 2022 News

NEW DELHI: Jeremy Lalrinnunga is India’s new ‘golden’ boy. When the 19-year-old weightlifting sensation of Aizawl won a Golden medal at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, he promised himself that he would continue his golden run for the nation. And he fulfilled this promise he made to himself, in style.
Three years after his win at the Youth Olympic Medal, in 2021, when the Mizoram boy went to the Commonwealth Championships, he took gold again in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Jeremy knew his next big assignment was the… Birmingham edition of the Commonwealth Games. He also changed his phone background to a CWG gold. Every time he looked at his phone, the photo of the medal inspired the youngster.


(The CWG gold is Jeremy’s greatest senior-level achievement – PTI Photo)
On Sunday, Jeremy endured massive elbow pain on his way to fulfill his golden dream at his first Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. The 19-year-old stamped his dominance in the 67kg men’s competition with a total lift of 300kg (140kg + 160kg). He finished ahead of Vaipava Nevo Ioane from Samoa who had a total of 293kg (127kg + 166kg) going on.
“Abb bass Paris Olympics focus on hai (my main target now is the Paris Olympics). I am confident that I will win a gold medal in the senior Olympics. The journey to the Olympics of Paris,” Jeremy told in an interview from Birmingham.
He battled muscle cramps on his first two attempts. On his third attempt in the Snatch round, he failed to lift 165kg, sustaining a painful elbow problem.


(Jeremy hurt his elbow on his third attempt at clean & jerk – PTI Photo)
“I didn’t follow the other lifters. I almost cried from the pain (because of the elbow pain after a failed attempt). The pain was just too much. I lay on the floor and slowly asked my coach Vijay sir if I “I had won the gold medal. I was in tears. He said we had won a gold medal and he smiled. I smiled and closed my eyes. His words almost took the pain away. When I finally got up, I hugged him,” an emotional Jeremy shared with
“I learned a lot from the Youth Olympics (2018). It was a huge learning experience. The Senior Olympics will be different, I know that. But now I know how to handle pressure. I know how to handle pressure I want to be the first Indian Olympic gold medalist in weightlifting,” Jeremy, who had won the gold medal in the boys’ 62kg event at the 2018 Summer Olympics, told
Jeremy looked calm from the start of his event at the CWG on Sunday. He had a smile and a positive look on his face. He looked confident. He lifted 140 kg, a Games record, in the second ‘snatch’ round. He tried 143 kg in the third attempt, but failed to lift. In the ‘Clean and Jerk’ round, he successfully lifted 154kg and then 160kg to bring his total to 300kg, expressing his authority over the competition and placing himself in the driver’s seat en route to the gold medal.


(Jeremy is crowned by silver medalist Vaipava Nevo Ioane of Samoa while bronze medalist Umoafia Edidiong of Nigeria looks on – PTI Photo)
Jeremy thanks his father for his calm demeanor that propels him forward.
“My father was a state-level boxer. Boxers are generally aggressive, but my father told me that calmness is the key to success. He asked me to remain calm in every situation. He said that anger and aggression should be in your eyes , not in behavior.” Jeremy, who is still in his teens, further told
“Mira didi’s support has been tremendous,” a hungry Jeremy said as he put some food on his plate.
Prior to the event, Jeremy asked for Mirabai Chanu to sit in front of him at the National Exhibition Center. The Olympic medalist cheered for every lift Jeremy attempted on Sunday.
“I was so happy. Mira didi is an inspiration. I learned a lot from her. She came to my event and motivated me prior to the event. She gave me some tips. She told me – ‘Jeremy, golden jitna hai'” I’m glad I did. She (Mirabai) is an icon. After the medal ceremony she congratulated me and hugged me. I will continue to learn from her,” Jeremy wrote.

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